Thursday, October 30, 2014

30 October 2014

There has been some escalation in the security situation, especially in the Province's western regions. A security source has announced the discovery of a mass grave where ISIL gunmen have buried a large number of the Awakenings of the Bu-Nimr tribe in the western part of Hit township. More than 130 bodies were buried there following the executions carried out by ISIL gunmen, including some children and elderly people.
A source from the Bu-Nimr has announced that the number of those executed from his tribe was at least 228.
The Anbar Council leader announced the start of a military operation to exact revenge for those victims; the area of operation includes the western parts of Hit.

In Ramadi, there have been two major clashes between the gunmen and security forces who were supported by Iraqi air support.

In Fallujah, 2 civilians were killed and 7 wounded by the exchange of bombardment by the security forces on the city's perimeter and the gunmen controlling the city.

In Ramadi today, A GMC vehicle was targeted by mistake in an Iraqi airstrike. It was carrying a family consisting of 5 members, but the Iraqi pilot thought it was carrying ISIL gunmen. The family was on its way from western Ramadi to Sulaymaniya Province in Kurdistan.

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