Tuesday, September 30, 2014

30 September 2014

The Anbar Council today issued a warning about the fate of more than 240 military personnel surrounded in the Hamidiya (aka Hamidhiyah) area in northeastern Ramadi. The Council is warning of a third massacre, similar to that which took place at Camp Speicher in Tikrit where the surrounded soldiers were massacred. The Hamidiya area is completely cut off on all sides. The surrounded forces have been resisting fiercely whenever ISIL forces try to advance toward their positions.

The security situation within Ramadi today has escalated as a result of the clashes taking place in a number of the city's central districts. In the rural areas across the river, intermittent clashes are continuing, and we do not yet have any casualty reports.

In Fallujah, a number of the city's residential districts have been bombarded. 2 residents have been confirmed killed and and 7 wounded.

In Garma, an Anbar Operations source has confirmed that British warplanes have carried out sorties over Garma and Fallujah, both of which are still under ISIL gunmen's control and surrounded by government forces.

Monday, September 29, 2014

29 September 2014

Following the seizure by ISIL gunmen of three central Ramadi districts, the area has been completely surrounded by security forces today. There have been fierce clashes and the armed forces have been advancing. An Anbar Police source says that one of the districts (Al-Andalus) has been re-taken. Clashes have also been reported along the banks of the Euphrates across from Ramadi. The source added that at least 11 gunmen, mainly Arab nationals,  have been killed. Bombardment of Al-Hamidhiyah, northeast of Ramadi,  has also killed 6 gunmen and destroyed 4 vehicles.

In Fallujah today, a preliminary casualty count shows that 3 residents have been killed and 9 wounded by bombardments and clashes between the armed groups that are still in control of Fallujah and security forces along the city's perimeter. Numerous residential districts have been bombarded, resulting in widespread damage to electricity distribution facilities and depriving the city of electrical power.

In Al-Sichir, there are contradictory reports about clashes there and regarding the fate of the surrounded military personnel and those that have been captured by the gunmen. Both Sichir and Saqlawiya have been totally isolated with noone allowed to enter or leave either of them. The Anbar Police Command is holding the Operations Command responsible for what is taking place there. There have been calls today in Ramadi for the replacement of the Anbar Operations Commander as a result of what are being described as military errors that resulted in the army personnel being surrounded, and for the sudden seizure by the gunmen of areas precipitously abandoned by the military.

In Garma, some of its districts have come under mortar and rocket attacks, causing numerous civilian casualties, according to the town's general hospital.

The townships in western Anbar are still being held by the armed groups. A short time ago, the border areas along the Syrian border were bombarded, but we do not yet have any details of the action.

In Haditha, the town is relatively quiet following the seizure of the initiative there by security forces.

The displaced persons in Kubaysa who had fled there from Ramadi and Fallujah have been telling RFI today about their plight in the tents they are sheltering in, particularly with the approach of winter, and all the shortages they experiencing.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

28 September 2014

Most important between last night and this afternoon has been the seizure by the gunmen of three central Ramadi districts that had been - as recently as a week ago - controlled by security forces. Fierce clashes led to the withdrawal of the security forces,
leaving the districts in the gunmen's hands. Clashes have also been taking place in the areas across the river Euphrates.

The local government of Anbar province has called for a visit by the Migration and Displaced Persons' Minister, because the displaced people of Anbar have not yet received the 1 million Dinar (some 850 dollars) grant promised 5 months ago, and are facing further hardship with the approach of winter.

Today, some of the fiercest ever clashes and heaviest bombardment of residential districts killed 13 residents and wounded 19 others.

Gunmen have also attempted to seize control of Amiriyat al-Fallujah (also known as just Amiriya) and the adjacent areas south of Fallujah. Iraqi warplanes have struck gunmen positions. Security sources are saying that 12 gunmen were killed, including an ISIL field commander.

Military operations are still continuing and there have been clashes between security forces and ISIL gunmen.

The bombardment of the town yesterday has wounded 2 residents; many residential homes being used by the gunmen were also damaged and burned.

In Anbar's western regions, security forces are in full control of the township's desert regions.

Friday, September 26, 2014

26 September 2014

Fallujah and vicinity:
Heavy bombardment has struck numerous residential districts in Fallujah. The General Hospital has confirmed that 3 residents have killed and 15 wounded.

Meanwhile, eyewitness reports are indicating that U.S. warplanes have struck a number of areas adjacent to Fallujah in Garma. The town's hospital confirms that 2 children have been killed and 4 wounded. Anbar Security sources  have neither confirmed nor denied that it was U.S. planes that attacked Garma. The strikes took place during the night and the same eyewitnesses say that Iraqi warplanes also carried out attacks on Garma, Sichir, and Saqlawiya where clashes are ongoing, with the army calling in air strikes in an attempt at dislodging the gunmen that have been holding those areas for nearly 9 months.

Recent Saqlawiya massacre:
In Saqlawiya, the Anbar Police commander-in-chief has confirmed that 151 army personnel were killed in the Saqlawiya fighting, in what he described as a 'security setback'. Meanwhile, wide swaths in the area are still under the control of the gunmen, while security forces are also controlling the surrounding land.

A big security operation has been underway since last night in the rural areas across the river from Ramadi,. Security and police sources are saying that their forces are making gains in the area that was re-taken by the gunmen following the unexpected withdrawal of government forces.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

25 September 2014

The most significant security development today is that U.S. warplanes have carried out strikes against targets in the Hit area, about 59 kms from Ramadi. The strikes have killed the ISIL military field commander in Anbar, Abu Omar al-Musili (aka al-Maslawi, both meaning "originally from Mosul") and 10 others who were with him.

According to security sources, French warplanes have also launched sorties and airstrikes on targets around Garma.

Cellphone services were cut yesterday in the Garma and Fallujah region where clashes are continuing between gunmen entrenched in various buildings and residential homes and the security forces surrounding the areas.

The western border regions between Iraq and Syria at Qaim (bordering with Albu Kamal city in Syria) were also targeted by military aircraft believed to be U.S. aircraft.

Anbar Council member, Adnan al-Dahi, today called on the central government to replace the Anbar Operations Command that has been widely held as being responsible for the sudden and unexpected withdrawal of forces from a number of areas, allowing ISIL forces to move in and occupy them. The Council also called for exempting areas with an ISIL gunmen presence from the 'no-bombardment' decision, even in residential districts that have effectively been abandoned by their residents.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

24 September 2014

Ramadi and surroundings:
Following the major operation by the security forces in the rural areas on the Euphrates rural areas on the opposite side of the river from Ramadi, gunmen have attempted to re-take those areas, but security sources are saying that the operations are still underway, supported by air strikes by Iraqi warplanes.

Meanwhile, the closure of all the bridges in Ramadi by security forces has resulted in a rise in the prices of foodstuffs and forced many shops and businesses to close. This has forced Ramadi residents to call for relief action.

Air strikes:
A source at the Anbar Command has confirmed that U.S. warplanes have carried out strikes in the regions along the Iraqi-Syrian border at Qaim. The strikes and security operations in the region have killed dozens of ISIL gunmen. French warplanes have also flown sorties and strikes in the Garma area northeast of Fallujah and in Sichir.

In Fallujah, ongoing bombardment of the city today has killed 3 residents and wounded 6.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

23 September 2014

The most significant developments between last night and this afternoon involve three areas: Fallujah, Saqlawiya to the east of Fallujah, and Sichir to the northeast.

The city has been targeted all night by mortar fire and several central and northern residential districts have been bombarded. The city's general hospital has announced that 13 residents have been killed and 23 wounded.

There are contradictory reports about who is controlling this area, but a security source at the Anbar Command has said that security operations to re-take the area are still underway there following air strikes. Some social media video postings are showing ISIL gunmen exhibiting military vehicles they have captured in the Sichir and Saqlawiya fighting yesterday and the day before.

Clashes have resumed this morning and there have also been effective air strikes according to the security source, enabling the security forces to re-take vital parts of the area.

There have been clashes in the areas across the Euphrates; intermittent clashes are still taking place there. Security forces are affirming that they have re-taken the Sab'a Kelo ("Kilometer Seven") housing compound west of the city and are in control there.

Today, the head of the Anbar Council, Sabah Karhut al-Halbusi, announced that the highway between Fallujah and Samarra is now totally secure and is being guarded by army checkpoints. He called on the families that have been displaced to Samarra to return along this highway. He also
stated that the Fallujah-Baghdad highway would also be re-opened to traffic in both directions.

Monday, September 22, 2014

22 September 2014

There has been an escalation of the security situation, especially in two areas. Firstly in Sichir, northeast of Fallujah, fierce military operations have been continuing since last night and into this afternoon; ISIL gunmen have clashed with the security forces surrounding the area; we do not yet have reports about the outcome nor do we have any casualty figures.
In Saqlawiya, west of Fallujah, military operations and mortar bombardments and rocket exchanges have also been continuing since last night.

In the area of Ramadi that is home to the Abu Risha clan, ISIL gunmen last night killed 7 civilians in that area.

Today the situation is complicated by the lack of information and the rumors about the fate of more than 400 military personnel in the Sichir and Saqlawiya fighting.

Intelligence supported by local residents have reportedly captured an ISIL cell in an ambush set by security forces in Rawa. There are also reports today that 4 ISIL leaders have been killed in Ramadi following the clearance of the 7 km. District in the city yesterday. Other ISIL elements are also being hunted down in the western part of Hit, but new leaflets have been distributed in the areas still under ISIL control, including Baghdadi, warning anyone cooperating with the security forces would be put to death.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

18 September 2014

Suicide bomber has blown himself up in Shari' Sab'atta'ash ("Street 17") area  in the city center today, targeting a local police patrol; 6 police personnel were killed and 13 were wounded in the attack.
Intermittent clashes have taken place in the western districts of Ramadi that had been re-taken by security forces along the Euphrates.

The city was targeted yesterday by the heaviest bombardment for more than a week, when Prime Minister Al-Abadi ordered the cessation of such attacks against residential districts in Fallujah. 4 people were killed, including one child, and 24 were wounded, mostly women and children.

Security operations are underway. Security forces have liberated Albu Hayyat Village southeast of Haditha. Occasional clashes are continuing on the opposite side of the town.

Birwana (aka Barwana):
Yesterday and today, hundreds of families have been returning to Birwana from which they had fled because of the security operations, but which has been brought under the control of security and tribal forces.

Many of those displaced by the fighting are still complaining about the lack of support for them by the local and central governments. Furthermore, most of them have taken refuge in schools; now, at the start of the new school year, the provincial education authorities have ordered an evacuation of the school buildings, leaving the refugees in a quandary.

Front against ISIL:
Representatives of tribes that have announced resistance against ISIL are meeting in Baghdad today with security officials.

Monday, September 15, 2014

15 September 2014

The situation all over Anbar has been calmer these days, when compared to the earlier days and months.

However, in Fallujah today, 6 residents have been reported killed and 22 wounded by the bombardment of numerous of the city's central, northern, and northeastern residential districts. This is the first time in 3 days that the city has been bombarded, after we had seen families returning to their homes.

Elsewhere in Anbar, the situation is relatively calm. There has been no bombardment or shelling in or around Ramadi.

The western Anbar townships are also relatively calm, including Haditha which has been, along with its surroundings declared as being secure.

Many residents haave today expressed their dismay over the fact that they are still without their ration cards and have not yet received any of their allocated funds from the local government. They called on the local and central governments to take urgent action in providing foodstuffs and financial a

Sunday, September 14, 2014

14 September 2014

Radio Free Iraq's broadcaster Nabil al-Haidari interviews Raad al-Khashea, the Radio's correspondent in Anbar province. Translated  by Ayad al-Gailani.

Q: What are the latest security, social, and living developments in Anbar?

A: Calm has settled over Fallujah, following the Prime Minister's announcement of the cessation of the bombardment of the city's residential districts that are still held by ISIL gunmen. The General Hospital here has not received any casualties. Meanwhile many families have begun returning from the places where they have been taking refuge to their homes in Fallujah. We have witnessed the return of many families from Amiriya (also known as Amiriyat al-Fallujah), parts of Ramadi, and the areas around Haditha and Baghdadi to their homes. This return has come following promises announced by the Anbar Council that there would be no further bombardments of any part of the governorate.

Q: In that case, reports of mortar strikes on the Fallujah hospital are not true?

A: There were mortar attacks today, but sources at the hospital have affirmed that the source of the attacks is unknown; they have not expressly accused the army or the security forces of being responsible. The Anbar Operations Command issued a statement today stressing that the mortar rounds were not fired by the army, but rather by ISIL gunmen attempting to deceive and sow confusion regarding the Prime Minister's promises. There are differences of opinion on the subject, but the mortar damage was limited to structural damage and there were no human casualties. The people of Fallujah are hoping that the decision will free them of the conditions they have been through for more than 9 months.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

13 September 2014

Radio Free Iraq's broadcaster Nabil al-Haidari interviews Raad al-Khashea, a correspondent in Anbar province. Interview translated by Ayad al-Gailani.

Q: Reports continue to indicate that government forces have completely liberated and secured the town of Haditha. To what extent are these reports confirmed and what are the details?

A:  The Anbar Police and Operations Commands announced today, and we have seen and witnessed that conditions are more positive in those areas following the establishment of control over the areas around Haditha and the area of Birwana which had been captured by the gunmen a few days ago, and we have seen families returning to their homes in those areas. Military operations have been greatly expanded and many villages and rural areas have been secured. However, the local Haditha Council has announced today that the township requires weapons and munitions in order to prevent the gunmen from returning. We have seen many families returning to their homes in Baghdadi, Birwana, and other areas of Haditha Township.

Q: It has also been reported that U.S. warplanes had paved the way for the security forces in re-taking control of these area, and in pushing the ISIL gunmen to the Syrian border.

A: Military operations have been ongoing for about 8 months in those areas, but there were no advances made; the gunmen were the ones taking the initiative and in moving into other areas. But the equation changed about a month ago, as a result of the U.S. air sorties. We have witnessed that - in less than one month - American warplanes have reversed the situation by enabling the security and tribal forces to retake the initiative. These forces had feared that the gunmen would continue with their advances, but they are now highly motivated in their confrontations with the gunmen. An important point is that Fallujah has not been randomly bombarded for the past two days, following the Prime Minister's decision to stop the bombardment of residential districts. The Anbar Council leader, Sabah Karhoot, has announced that the Cabinet's decision to end the bombardment will result, either tomorrow or the next day, in a meeting in Baghdad between the Anbar Provincial Government and Prime Minister Hayder al-Abadi.

Friday, September 12, 2014

12 September 2014

Between last night and today, the western area of Ramadi that connects the city to Anbar's western regions and had been controlled by ISIL gunmen has been completely secured. The area is known as the housing compound of Sab'a Kelo ("KIlometer Seven").

Haditha and vicinity:
Security forces are now fully in control of the township on all fronts. Airstrikes yesterday, believed to have been carried out by U.S. warplanes, attacked the gunmen's positions nearby the Haditha Dam on the town's western side. Airstrikes have also struck targets in the western areas of Ana, Rawa, and Qaim. We have not yet obtained any casualty reports concerning that action.

Aerial bombardment of a number of the city's residential districts continued between last night and this afternoon, killing 7 residents, mostly women and children,  and wounding 13 others.

Clashes broke out in the town's southern sector. The Sichir area northeast of Fallujah was also bombarded.

Asma Usama, a female member of the Anbar Council, has called on the Anbar Operations Command and the security forces to stop the bombardment of targets in Ramadi, Fallujah, and Garma. Speaking to RFI, she said:

Usama:  We congratulate the new central government on the assumption of its duties. . . Anbar Governorate, particularly Ramadi and Fallujah,  is being daily subjected to indiscriminate bombardment that has struck hospitals, healthcare centers, and mosques. We have called and are still calling on the central government and the Operations Command to exercise care in these operations by identifying real targets. 'Stray rockets' or 'errant mortar rounds' are daily shedding the blood of innocent young people, women, and children. This bloodshed will not stop while the indiscriminate bombardments continue. We call on the new central government to pay attention to the random bombardments that are being carried out in Anbar. We look forward to good things from this government and call on the ministers and members of parliament to bravely unite in ending these indiscriminate operations.

Migration and other issues:
Local authorities and officials have called for the disbursement of the funds that have been allocated to displaced families, especially since the past 10 months have resulted in a large number of displaced persons; some residents have stated that they have not received any of the funds due to them for more than 3 months.

Meanwhile the situation in Hit, Baghdadi, and Ramadi's environs is relatively calm; the central government is considering the formation of a tribal force to operate in the areas of military operations. The formation of a tribal unit consisting of 3,000 fighters is to be announced in 2 days' time; it will support security forces in the governorate's western regions.

There are also calls to allow students to complete their school year, in the areas where students were unable to complete the school curriculum during the last school year.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

11 September 2014

A source at the General Hospital has announced that 15 people have been killed and 14 wounded by the aerial bombardment of the city's residential districts between last night and this morning, in the worst casualty count for more than a month.

The situation is no different to that of Fallujah: 7 residents have been killed and 13 wounded by the bombardment of the town's residential districts, especially in the areas along the river between the town and Fallujah. 

Haditha and surroundings:
U.S. airstrikes have been reported on the areas around the Haditha township, but there have not yet been any casualty reports.

In the western townships of Hit and Baghdadi, the situation is relatively quieter than it has been in recent days.

Military operations have been underway in the city's northern sector along the banks of the Euphrates.

New school year:
School pupils and students have stayed away from their schools to, especially in Ramadi and Fallujah, because of the security situation and the fact that most of the residents have left their homes to seek safety elsewhere.

Some people are saying that deals are being worked out in political circles to replace the Anbar Governor who is receiving medical treatment in Jordan, while others are reporting that his health condition has sufficiently improved to allow him to return to resume his duties 'in next few days or months'.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 September 2014

The overall security situation is one of public approval with regard to the decrease in military operations. Following the period of the advances made by ISIL gunmen, there is a semblance of greater stability brought about by the precision of U.S. airstrikes against ISIL groups and positions in most parts of Anbar, including the Syrian border region.

U.S. warplanes have carried out strikes on a number of ISIL gunmen positions: in the area nearby the Haditha Dam that the gunmen had tried to approach; an Anbar Command source announced that at least 34 gunmen were killed and 13 of their vehicles destroyed; stockpiles of munitions around the area of the dam were also destroyed by the airstrikes. Meanwhile, the nearby town of Birwana has been completely secured. Otherwise, Haditha's environs are relatively calm following the clashes that broke out last night.
U.S. warplanes have also attacked gunmen positions in the governorate's western desert areas.

The situation is relatively calm, resulting in the return of many families to their homes in the central and northern districts of the city.

The bombardment of numerous residential districts has resumed today. A General Hospital source has said that 3 residents were killed and 7 wounded by the bombardment.

Four residences were hit by the ongoing bombardment of the town; 2 residents were killed and 6 were wounded.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

09 September 2014

There have been many escalations of the security situation today, particularly in Anbar's western regions:
Haditha has been the scene of military operations and airstrikes. A Military Command spokesman has announced that 34 ISIL gunmen have been killed and 9 of their vehicles have been set ablaze.
The local Haditha municipality head has confirmed that the security situation is under control and that it is the security forces who are in control on the ground in Haditha township and its surroundings.
U.S. warplanes have also struck targets in the vicinity of the Haditha Dam.
Since last night and through noon today U.S. military aircraft have attacked a number of other targets, particularly in the townships of Ana and Rawa.

In Fallujah, loud explosions have been heard as a result of the government bombardment of the central and northern districts in the city. Nine residents have been reported killed and 23 wounded.

In Al-Garma, 2 residents were killed and 8 were wounded in the bombardment of the time since last night and through noontime today.

Military operations are still continuing in Ramadi, after Federal police forces regained control of the areas along the main highway linking Iraq with its western neighbors. Large numbers of security forces have been deployed along this highway that stretches over several hundred kilometers.

The Deputy head of the Anbar Council, Saleh Al-Issawy, has confirmed that the Anbar Governor was injured several days ago in Birwana and that he has undergone successful surgery and that his condition is now stable, and that he might be able to return to Anbar in the coming days.

Monday, September 8, 2014

08 September 2014

The most significant topic on the streets of Anbar has been the attacks launched by U.S. warplanes, mainly on western Anbar regions. A large number of such attacks have been carried out against groups of ISIL gunmen. The most recent have been strikes in the Ana and Rawa townships, but we do not yet know the outcome of the strikes that also targeted areas on the western outskirts of Haditha. A security source at the Anbar Operations Command has announced that such airstrikes have also targeted gunmen positions surrounding the Haditha Dam. However, there have also been some intermittent clashes  - the most recent about one hour ago - involving some gunmen attempting to enter the town from the southern villages they are still holding.

Naturally, these security developments and particularly the American airstrikes have been welcomed by Anbaris and by their local government, especially as they have been seen to be accurately targeted strikes that have not resulted in any civilian casualties, whereas the bombardments by government forces have regularly killed and wounded numerous civilians.

A short time ago, a security source in the Al-Sichir district of Fallujah, two booby-trapped homes were blown up when security forces entered them; at least 24 army personnel were killed and at least 33 were wounded by the blasts.

Also in Fallujah, government aerial bombardment of a number of the city's central and northern residential districts has killed 3 residents and wounded 17, according to Dr. Ahmed Al-Shami, the senior resident at the city's general hospital.

In Ramadi, residents demonstrated today demanding of the local government to end military operations and to allow them to return to their homes.

On the political front, the deputy Anbar Governor for technical affairs has been appointed Governor, replacing Governor Ahmed Khalaf Al-Dulaimi who was wounded and is now receiving treatment at a hospital in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

A 40-kilometer trench has been completed today, to protect the Al-Wafa'a area in western Ramadi. This has been done in several other locations in order to thwart any renewed attempt by the gunmen to seize territory, and the same measure will be repeated in a number of other locations.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 06 2014

The most significant development in Anbar has been the air strikes against the gunmen around Haditha's periphery. The Anbar Command announced today that 34 gunmen have been killed in the Birwana and Hawija areas southwest of Haditha; 7 vehicles were also set ablaze, and 7 foreign gunmen have also been killed.

The head of Haditha MunicipalityAbdul-Kakeem Al- Jughaifi, has called on security forces to provide reinforcements to secure the areas adjacent to Haditha Township, fearing that the gunmen would enter the township from the fronts that have been the scene of numerous assaults for about one month but have been held back by tribal forces and the local police.

In Fallujah today, early casualty reports show that 9 residents have been killed and six wounded by the continuing bombardment of numerous residential districts of the city, particularly in the central, northern and northeastern sectors.

In Al-Garma, 3 residents have been killed and 7 wounded by the bombardment which began last night and continued through this afternoon.

There have been significant security developments brought about by the air atrikes carried out by U.S. warplanes on central Ramadi, Haditha, as well as in Fallujah.

The Anbar Police Commander, Gen. Ahmed Al-Saddad, announced today that the Al-Hawz area has been completely liberated by security forces supported by tribal and local fighters. He added that the area is now the most secure in Anbar.

Ramadi residents are once again calling for relief aid, especially as they have had no electricity for the past 3 months, and the rise in price of electricity provided by government generators. Meanwhile most of those displaced are still experiencing disastrous living conditions.

Friday, September 5, 2014

05 September 2014

In Haditha, violent clashes are still going on, the air strikes targeted groups of gunmen between Haditha and Anah, killing 13 of them.

In Fallujah, 7 civilians have been killed and 34 wounded by the bombardment of numerous districts in the city.

In Al-Garma, 3 residents have been killed and 7 wounded by the bombardment of the town's residential districts and government buildings.

In Ramadi, the central and northern districts are still relatively calm. Security forces have been able during the past few days to retake control of the Al-Howz area southwest of the city. Air strikes were launched yesterday on the western districts of the city against gunmen positions.

Security forces are coordinating with the Municipal Council on organizing and equipping the 2,000 volunteer fighters.

Many Anbar residents are still without electric power and many are still without their ration cards.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

04 September 2014

Haditha has today been the scene of violent clashes on three fronts that the gunmen are using in their renewed attempt at penetrating into the town; there was fierce resistance on these northern, eastern, and southern fronts, as well as air attacks on three of the gunmen's positions on the northern and northeastern front. According to a security source, 14 gunmen were killed and 6 of the vehicles they were using were destroyed. Reports also indicate that the air strikes were carried out by U.S. warplanes.

In Fallujah, an early casualty count shows that 9 residents were killed and 14 were wounded by the bombardment of many of the city's residential districts, the Al-Sichir area to the north, and the Al-Nu'aimiya area to the south.

A casualty count in Al-Garma shows that 3 residents have been killed and 9 were wounded by the bombardment of the town during the last few hours.

In Ramadi, 2,000 men are being trained and equipped to bolster the security forces. They have been dubbed 'the Quick-Response Elite Brigade' and will be used in the fight against ISIL forces. The tribal sheikhs have agreed with the Anbar governor to use these men within Ramadi.
Meanwhile, a car-bomb was detonated in central Ramadi a short time ago; first reports tell of 4 residents being killed and 6 wounded by the blast; 3 members of the security forces were also killed.

The western Anbar regions - Hit, Ana, Al-Rutba, and Al-Qa'im - are still under the gunmen's control as they have been for more than 3 months.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

03 September 2014

In Haditha today, U.S. air strikes have targeted large numbers of gunmen positioned in the Birwana area south of the town. According to security sources, at least 43 gunmen have been killed by the strikes, thus allowing many tribal fighters to enter the area and to secure the road between Haditha and Al-Baghdadi and on towards Hit.

In Fallujah, today's preliminary casualty count shows that 9 residents have been killed, including 3 children and a woman, and 13 wounded as a result of the bombardment of several of the city's residential districts.

In Al-Garma, the town has been bombarded since last night and through this afternoon; 2 residents have been killed and 4 others wounded.

In Ramadi, the central and northern districts are relatively calm, and some families have been permitted by security forces to return to their homes in central Ramadi.

The Anbar governor, Ahmed Khalaf Al-Dulaimi, announced today that 2,000 men, called the 'Elite Forces' have been equipped; they are to be trained to the highest levels, following the news of the arrival of U.S. trainers to assist U.S. air sorties in re-establishing control and to provide a new launching position that would allow the regaining of control throughout Anbar.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

02 September 2014

The most significant development today has been the attack against Haditha, carried by an armed ISIL group on three fronts: from the north, from the west, and from the south. However, the fierce resistance facing the gunmen prevented them from penetrating into the town. A security source inside Haditha has confirmed that as of right now 11 gunmen have been killed and at least 4 of their vehicles have been destroyed. The killing of an 'Awakenings' fighter inside the town has resulted in an attack on the house that had been used by one of the gunmen's leaders. This led to the eruption of clashes inside the town in which at least 6 residents were wounded.

The Anbar Provincial Council announced today that the central government and the Prime Minister designate, Haider Al-Abadi, have agreed to form an armed unit consisting of 20,000 men to help in controlling the security situation in Ramadi.

In Fallujah, an announcement today reports that 9 residents have been killed and 33 wounded by yesterday's bombardment of numerous residential central and northern districts.

In Al-Garma township, 2 residents were killed and 7 were wounded by the bombardment of the town's residential districts, lying between Fallujah and Al-Garma town.

Military operations are continuing in the northeastern sector of Ramadi. These daily clashes usually erupt at about dawn and continue into the noontime hours.

The plight of the displaced people in Anbar remains unchanged, most of whom are affirming that they have not received any of the funds allocated to them nearly 2 months ago.  

Monday, September 1, 2014

01 September 2014

Military operations in Anbar are ongoing on three fronts:

In Haditha, the town is still blockaded; yesterday there was a fierce clash, and there were airstrikes believed by some to have been carried out by U.S. warplanes on the town's periphery; at least 21 ISIL gunmen were killed and a number of their vehicles were destroyed.
The head of the Haditha Municipality, Abdul-Hakeem Al-Jughaify, confirmed that the situation within the town is fully under control, but also called on the central government to provide additional weapons and ammunition in order to thwart the gunmen's attempts to penetrate into the town.

In Fallujah, the past three days have witnessed an escalation in the bombardment of the city; the latest casualty count lists 13 residents killed and 19 others wounded by the shelling of a number of the city's residential districts.

In Al-Garma, 4 residents were killed and 9 were wounded in the bombardment of several of the town's districts.

In Ramadi, security forces have advanced toward entering the city's western districts that had fallen to the gunmen, but airstrikes reported by security sources as having been carried out by U.S. warplanes have provided a morale boost to the advancing security forces.

In Hit, there is growing concern that the gunmen will attempt to assault the township in the coming days or even hours.