Saturday, February 28, 2015

28 February 2015

In Baghdadi, Security forces have succeeded in re-taking the perimeter of the town's western residential complex; an ISIL suicide bomber blew himself up at the complex's main entrance, killing one of the security personnel there and wounding 4 others. Security forces have also secured the route between the complex and the Ayn al-Asad military base. Many families and wounded residents were transported from the complex to the base. Security forces also tried to move into the ISIL-controlled southwestern sector of the township but were held off by the gunmen. A military operation aimed at liberating the sector and its residential complex is reported to be scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday).
Meanwhile, Baghdadi residents are reporting severe hardships in the town because of the extreme shortages of foodstuffs and fuel. There is also a serious shortage of drinking water following the the damage inflicted by the gunmen at the town's water distribution facilities. The HQ of the 7th Division has today received supply shipments that have been distributed to the camps set up at Ayn al-Asad.

In Ramadi, a military operation in the city's southern sector has set up a barrier aimed at protecting the city's southern and central districts from ISIL gunmen holding several districts in the sector. Meanwhile, the city's central districts are relatively calm today, while security forces supported by Iraqi and coalition airstrikes have been advancing in the city's outlying northeastern areas.

In Fallujah, the general hospital reported this morning that 3 residents have been killed and 4 were wounded by the ongoing random exchanges of mortar fire between security forces around the city's perimeter and ISIL forces holding the city.

In Garma, fierce clashes for the fourth consecutive day have killed 7 civilians and wounded 7 by the bombardment of the town's residential districts.

Friday, February 27, 2015

27 February 2015

In Haditha, ISIL gunmen have assaulted the residential complex in western Baghdadi and were able to overrun the complex after four of their suicide bombers detonated their explosive vests, and following the withdrawal of the army forces who were in control of the complex. The gunmen were able to storm a number of residential houses within the complex; they have blown up several power-generating facilities and a number of buildings belonging to the town's water distribution services.  But within five hours units of the 'Golden Division' and other army units were able to move into the complex and forced the gunmen to withdraw. Hoever, 7th Brigade sources are reporting that the gunmen are now positioned just one km. from the complex where they are attempting to regroup in order to retake the complex. They have also laid mines to prevent security forces from assaulting the site from the southwest.
Alao today, security forces killed 7 suicide bombers, including a Chinese national, who had tried to blow themselves up amid the security forces attempting to recapture the complex. There have been numerous calls for aid and supplies for the residential complex that has been under heavy mortar-fire from the ISIL gunmen. Sources from within the compound are reporting that 4 residents, including one child, have been killed and at least 13 have been wounded.
Fighting at the bridge connecting the town with Baghdadi Island has left security forces in control of the bridge.

In Ramadi, ISIL gunmen have launched a surprise attack on the city center, aiming to reach the government complex from the city's southern sector, but security forces with Iraqi air support and coalition strikes have driven the gunmen back into the southern reaches of the Hawz district. 3 tunnels dug by ISIL, leading into Ramadi, have been blown up.
In the northeastern Ramadi Shjariya area, security forces have advanced into the area after detonating a number of explosive devices laid by ISIL gunmen. A booby-trapped vehicle was also remotely detonated by the security forces.

In Fallujah, the hospital has today reported that 7 residents have been killed and 6 wounded by the ongoing random mortar bombardment exchanges between the security forces controlling the city's perimeter and ISIL gunmen holding the city.

In Garma, the general hospital is reporting that coalition and Iraqi air strikes against targets within the township have killed at least 11 civilians and wounded at least 25.

In Hit and Rutba, heavy bombardment since yesterday; security forces have reported that 9 ISIL gunmen leaders in the area southwest of Hit.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

26 February 2015

Since yesterday and into this afternoon, coalition warplanes have mounted a number of sorties against targets in al-Qaim, Rutba, and Hit in western Anbar. It was announced today that Abu Tammam al_Turkmani, the number-two in the ISIL leadership after Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed in one of those strikes on al-Qaim close to the Syrian border. Six of his intelligence aides were also killed. A further 23 gunmen were also killed by the strikes.
In Hit which is still held by ISIL, at least 20 gunmen have been killed.

In Baghdadi, the road between the township and Hit has been cleared. Hundreds of families are reported to have been making their way on foot toward ISIL-occupied Hit. Security operations have led to the clearing of a number of desert areas between Haditha and Baghdadi. A number of villages in southwestern Baghdadi township have also been liberated. Meanwhile, ISIL gunmen have attacked and captured an army barracks guarding the bridge linking the riverside areas between Hit and Baghdadi. The security forces were forced to withdraw from the area that is still the scene of fierce clashes.
A number of U.S. military advisers and experts are reported to have arrived at the Habbaniya base to assess the situation and to plan the necessary action in eastern Anbar and the areas leading to the capital, Baghdad.

In Ramadi, security forces supported by coalition warplanes have thwarted an ISIL attempt at advancing from the city's southwestern sector.  Alao today, large quantities of weapons and munitions have been seized in the Khalidiya sector of the city. Two explosives-loaded vehicles heading for Ramadi were hit and blown up by Iraqi air units.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

25 February 2015

In Baghdadi, widespread security operations are still underway in the southern and southwestern parts of the township. Iraqi aircraft today attacked a number of ISIL positions in that sector, killing according to an Anbar Operations source, at least 23 gunmen. Meanwhile, security forces have advanced into areas held by ISIL, penetrating into a number of the town's districts near the residential complex in the town's center, from which a further 300 families have fled today to the southernmost areas of Baghdadi where foodstuffs and water wells are to be found.
An Anbr Council source has announced the arrival of additional military equipment and munitions at the Ayn al-Asad Base, in preparation for a security campaign expected to be launched later today to liberate the areas across the Euphrates from the town. Operations will include the liberation of the areas between Baghdadi and Hit.

In Ramadi, a military operation has killed at least 15 ISIL gunmen in the city's southern sector. 3 gunmen were captured when they attempted to detonate explosive devices at army checkpoints within the sector.
In the northeastern Shjariya area, security forces were able today to penetrate deep into the areas, of which they now control more than 80%, according to Anbar Operations sources. There are also reports of an imminent operation aimed at liberating the rural Ramadi Island area acroo the river from Ramadi City.

In Garma, there has been an increase today in civilian casualties as a result of the town's bombardment between last night and this afternoon. At least 13 civilians have been killed and at least 50 wounded, according to sources at the town's general hospital.

One civilian has been killed and 11 have been wounded by mortar attacks on the residential districts of Amiriyat al-Fallujah.

In Fallujah City, the General Hospital is reporting that at least 11 residents have been killed and at least 15 have been wounded by the random mortar-fire exchanges

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

24 February 2015

In Baghdadi, security forces have been able today to liberate a number of the rural areas around the town, particularly in the southwestern sector of the township, to the west of the town's residential complex in central Baghdadi. They have also broken the siege of a group of villages east of the town. There are reports that large numbers of ISIL gunmen have fled into the western desert between Baghdadi and Haditha and on towards Ana, Rawa and al-Qaim Townships. Iraqi air support, in cooperation with coalition warplanes, has carried out sorties against the southwestern areas of the town, where ISIL is still massing its forces. Reports indicate that military supplies have arrived today, to be used in the operations on the riverside areas across from Baghdadi. More than 300 families are still evacuating from Baghdadi's southwestern residential districts. Some of the families have arrived at the Ayn al-Asad Base where a large camp has been put up to shelter them.

In Ramadi, security forces have today been able to booby-trap a tunnel that ISIL gunmen were planning to use to reach central Ramadi and the government complex. The 700-meter tunnel extends from the Hawz district toward the city center. Security forces planned to blow up the tunnel while the gunmen are passing through it. The plan was implemented and at least 23 ISIL gunmen were killed as a result. Security forces have penetrated into the city's southern sector. Meanwhile, ISIL gunmen today launched a number of mortar rounds from the Ta'ameem district they control in western Ramadi, toward districts in the city's center. One woman was killed and 4 residents were wounded by the mortar attacks.
Across the river to the northeast of the city, security operations are still underway, in which 3 snipers, including one Saudi national, were killed. Security forces supported by tribal fighters have cleared the road leading to the areas on Ramadi Island.

In Fallujah, a hospital source has announced that 2 residents were killed and 6 were wounded by the clashes and ongoing random bombardment exchanges that have struck some of the city's residential districts in central and northern Fallujah.

In Garma, mortar fire has struck residential districts in the town, killing 5 members of one family within the town. Clashes are continuing in the township's outlying areas and coalition warplanes have also been in action against ISIL positions in those areas.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

22 February 2015

In Baghdadi, security forces have announced that they have liberated the Gassr area in southwestern Baghdadi, following fierce fighting in which at least 40 ISIL gunmen were killed. U.S., French, and Australian coalition warplanes carried out a number of sorties into the area and targeted more than 30 of the gunmen's positions. Meanwhile, security forces advanced into the area which engineering units cleared of more than 150 explosive devices planted by the gunmen. The areas across the river in the direction of the Ayn al-Asad Base have also been secured. Buildings in central Baghdadi have also been secured, and food aid is being delivered to the long-besieged residents within the town.

In Ramadi, ISIL has attempted for the third consecutive day to overrun the city from the south, but they were unable to penetrate the city. Iraqi air support and coalition warplanes provided support for the security forces that prevented ISIL forces from capturing the government complex in the city center. Anbar Operations is reporting that 14 of the gunmen were killed in the fighting.

To the northeast, a surprise attack by ISIL resulted in  fierce clashes with security forces in the area, who were able, with the support of tribal fighters, to thwart the attack, killing 4 gunmen of whom 2 were non-Iraqi Arab nationals.

In Fallujah, the general hospital has reported that 3 residents have been killed and 7 wounded by the continuing random mortar-fire exchanges.

In Garma, Clashes  were accompanied by the shelling of various ISIL positions in and around the township's industrial zone.

In western Anbar, ISIL attempted today to penetrate from the town's extreme southwest, but security forces turned back the gunmen's attacks on some of the checkpoints in the area.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

21 February 2015

Baghdadi has today seen the arrival of Iraqi security forces and various aid shipments for the town's residents who have been besieged for some time.

Q: What are the latest details you have for today?

A: Security forces have today succeeded in securing the road between the Ayn al-Asaad Base and the residential area in southwestern Baghdadi. Trucks loaded with food aid have also arrived at the residential complex and the ISIL gunmen have been pushed back about 2 km. Snipers have taken up positions on the rooftops of homes and buildings to provide protection. There are reports that a broad military operation will be launched within the next few hours, accompanied by about 1,000 U.S. troops who arrived at the base yesterday evening.

Friday, February 20, 2015

20 February 2015

Military operations are continuing in Baghdadi township: security forces have reported that a broad security operation was launched in the early hours of this morning in the western and southern sectors of the town. More than 5,000 security fighters with Iraqi and coalition air support are involved. The forces have taken control of some of the town's principal government buildings, but some ISIL gunmen are still in position on the roofs of the taller buildings.

Anbar Operations sources are reporting that coalition warplanes carried out attacks that have killed at least 45 gunmen along the town's southern perimeter and in the areas between Baghdadi and Haditha.

Meanwhile, 3 children have died after drinking sulfur-tainted water drawn from wells in the residential complex in Baghdadi. 4 residents have also died because of the medicinal shortages in the complex. 30 tons of food supplies are reported to have reached Baghdadi via the Ayn al-Asad military base, dispatched by the central government. A major evacuation is reported underway from Baghdadi, either aboard Iraqi aircraft or on foot, to Hit and Haditha Townships., and also by air to Baghdad. Yesterday and today about 1,000 families have been involved in this migration.

In Ramadi, Col. Hameed al-Shandoog, a local Anbar police officer, reported that ISIL has launched a broad operation against the government complex in central Ramadi, advancing from the city's southern sector. The attack was thwarted by the combined efforts of the security forces, Iraqi air support, and coalition airstrikes. 19 gunmen have been killed at the scene. In Shjariya in northeastern Ramadi, security operations are continuing amid fierce clashes erupted today when ISIL gunmen attempted to move back into the area but were met with fierce resistance by security forces deployed there.

In Fallujah, the general hospital has announced today that 2 residents have been killed and 3 wounded by the random exchanges of mortar fire.

In Garma, clashes are again underway in the township's industrial zone, with coalition warplanes carrying out a number of raids on ISIL positions and facilities, and at least 33 of the gunmen were killed.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

19 February 2015

Unconfirmed local reports from Baghdadi are saying that ISIL has killed more than 150 residents who had been abducted from various parts of the town. Meanwhile military operations are still ongoing with security forces having advanced into several of the town's districts, killing at least 13 gunmen.
Coalition and Iraqi aircraft have been taking part in the operations, striking targets near the residential complex in Baghdadi. Meanwhile, supplies and weaponry have been arriving today and will be deployed today or tomorrow to take part in the military effort.

In Ramadi, 9 gunmen are reported killed in the clashes and aerial bombardment in the city's southern sector. Clashes are also continuing in the northeastern sector.

In Fallujah, a medical source reports that 2 residents have been killed and 9 wounded by the continuing ransom mortar-fire exchanges.

In Garma, coalition warplanes have made a number of sorties against the township's industrial zone. 33 gunmen have been reported killed in the raids.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

18 February 2015

A parliamentary and military delegation has arrived today at the Ayn al-Asad military base in Baghdadi. The town is still the scene of broad military operations in a number of its sectors and areas. The delegation, led by Hakim al-Zamili, chairman of the Security and Defense Committee, is to evaluate the military activity and to provide food aid, as well as to prepare new plans for taking total control of the area.

Meanwhile ISIL gunmen have blown up at least 40 homes belonging to police and army personnel, as well as a number of government buildings in Baghdadi. ISIL fighters have made some advances into the areas on the opposite bank of the Euphrates, but a number of sorties by coalition warplanes have - according to Anbar Operations sources - killed more than 30 gunmen in that area. The main residential quarter of Baghdadi that houses at least 1,000 families is still besieged by ISIL gunmen. The residents are calling for speedy action to save and rescue them.
Security forces have today raised the Iraqi flag over the Baghdadi Police HQ after killing the gunmen who had occupied it. Meanwhile, clashes and explosion are continuing in other parts of the township.

In Ramadi today, ISIL launched a new attempt to penetrate into the city from the southern sector. Several sorties by Iraqi and coalition aircraft have targeted the gunmen. Central districts in the city have been relatively calm today, but in the northeastern sector across the river clashes are continuing with security forces claiming that they have the initiative in the fighting.

In Fallujah, a medical source reported that 4 residents have been killed and 7 wounded by clashes and random mortar fire.
The clashes have spread into the Garma area, with some sorties by coalition warplanes targeting a number of positions in the township. Operations report that about 50 gunmen have been killed by the strikes.

In Haditha, there has been an ISIL attempt at capturing the main areas and roads connecting Baghdadi with Haditha, but security forces successfully repelled the attempt.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

17 February 2015

Military operations are continuing in the Baghdadi area. Sources are reporting that security forces have been able to take control of large parts of the township, including government buildings and services within the town. But ISIL gunmen have succeeded in blowing up a number of these buildings, including the Police HQ and the water and electricity directorates. Public roads and a number of residences have also been mined and booby-trapped. ISIL is still in control of a number of the town's districts and has totally surrounded the town of Jubba that is held by security forces and tribal fighters. The Baghdadi chief of Police, Qassem al-Obaidi, is confirming that coalition warplanes have targeted and struck a number of positions around the town, killing more than 30 of the gunmen. The Anbar Command has confirmed that 26 members of the security forces and government employees in Baghdadi have been executed by ISIL.

In Hit, security forces have carried out operations in the southern sector of the township, where a number of positions were hit by coalition and Iraqi aircraft. 11 gunmen have been reported killed.

In Ramadi, an ISIL attack from the city's southern sector has been repelled by security forces supported by tribal fighters. ISIL forces have now been driven back several kilometers.

In Fallujah, the General Hospital has just announced that 4 residents have been killed and 11 wounded by the random mortar-fire exchanges between security forces on the city's perimeter and the ISIL gunmen holding the city.