Sunday, February 1, 2015

01 February 2015

Coalition warplanes have launched a number of strikes on targets in western Anbar; 6 ISIL gunmen were killed in the Al-Qaim area, including one of ISIL's field commanders in the western region of Akashat near the Iraqi-Syrian border.

Coalition warplanes have also been in action near the town of Birwana in Haditha township. An Anbar Operations statement says that a number of ISIL gunmen were killed by the strikes.

In Baghdadi, the SWAT commander, Col. Shahban Al-Obaidi, has stated that security forces supported by tribal fighters have established control over most of the areas of Baghdadi where it has been announced that an aerial bridge has been established between the capital, Baghdad, and the Ayn Al-Asad Base that will serve to airlift foodstuffs to the western areas of Baghdadi and Haditha township and its surrounding areas.

In Ramadi, a major security forces attack has enabled these forces to penetrate into the residential districts of the city's southern sector. Security sources say that at least 13 gunmen were killed in the fighting, and 2 others (snipers) were captured. The forces have also erected concrete barriers between the areas they have liberated and the areas still under ISIL control.

In Fallujah, an elevated casualty count from the city's general hospital indicates that 9 residents have been killed and 44 wounded by the continuing mortar-fire exchanges between security forces on the city's outskirts and ISIL forces holding the city. Many of the city's central and northern residential districts were hit by mortar fire.

In the Garma area, airstrikes have killed at least 53 ISIL gunmen, according to  a senior officer of the 1st Division operating in the area.

In Amiriyat Al-Fallujah, the local council leader has confirmed today that the town is surrounded by ISIL gunmen who have continued to shell districts and buildings in the town whose security situation is extremely grim.

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