Monday, February 9, 2015

09 February 2015

It was announced today that the ISIL military 'Wali' in the Jazeera area at Al-Tharthar, Jubayir Al-Algawi, and six of his aides were killed when tribal fighters in the area carried out an attack supported by security forces in the area. A security source has also stated that security forces have taken control of the areas around the Tharthar barrage opposite Ramadi city.
In a further announcement, two ISIL leaders in the Shjariya area, one a Chinese national and the other a Bengali national, were killed when ISIL gunmen attempted to re-take control of Shjariya in a three-pronged attack against security forces in the area repelled the attack, helped by Iraqi air support.

In the Birwana area of Haditha township, ISIL gunmen launched an attack on the area but were driven back by tribal fighters and security forces.

Coalition warplanes today carried out a number of strikes on Al-Qaim in western Anbar on the Iraqi-Syrian border, on the Garma area, and on the areas around Fallujah. Initial Anbar Operations casualty reports indicate that at least 33 ISIL gunmen were killed by the strikes. Meanwhile preparations are underway for an imminent major assault on Hit, according to security and police sources.

In Ramadi's southern sector, broad-based clashes are underway in the sector's residential districts where security forces supported by the 'Golden Division' have repelled a new ISIL attack.

Regarding the incident two days ago in which an armed 'people's fighter' killed two Ramadi civilians, three suspects have been arrested today and taken to the Anbar Operations command. The arrests came in the wake of major demonstrations in Ramadi and Amiriyat Al-Fallujah demanding the removal of the paramilitaries from Anbar, while demanding that the province's own fighters be armed and supplied. The demonstrators stressed that, unless the accused are brought to justice, they would desist from fighting against ISIL.


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