Monday, February 16, 2015

16 February 2015

Military operations are continuing in Baghdadi, especially in the southern and southwestern areas of the town, as ISIL has redeployed its forces and re-taken control of the town's center. The leader and members of the local council have called for speedy action in providing additional security forces to liberate the residential district housing 2,500 families of the security forces and of the administrative leaders of the township. Meanwhile, an Anbar Council source has announced that ISIL has executed 26 Baghdadi residents who had been abducted two days ago. The executions were carried out in Rawa.
Security forces have meanwhile re-taken government buildings in western Baghdadi. Iraqi aircraft supported by coalition warplanes have struck a number of ISIL positions in southwestern Baghdadi.
Yesterday, an armored brigade has reached the Ayn al-Asad base to take part in the military operations in and around Baghdadi.
Reports are filtering through that the humanitarian situation in the township is severe: there is no water, no food, no baby milk, while 7 wounded residents have died, given the absence of medical facilities in the township. 260 others are described as being in a critical condition.

In Ramadi, a broad security operation is underway in the city's southern sector, and has turned back an ISIL offensive in the area. Anbar Operations are reporting that 9 gunmen were killed in the fighting. Operations are also continuing on the opposite banks of the Euphrates, in the Shjariya area.

In Fallujah, a medical source has reported today that 2 residents have been killed and 4 wounded with the resumption of the indiscriminate exchanges of mortar fire between the ISIL gunmen within the city and the security forces around its perimieter.

In Garma and the other areas lying between Anbar Province and the capital, Baghdad, coalition warplanes have concentrated their attacks on the southern reaches of the area. An ISIL bomb-making plant and training ground were also hit. Coalition air power has also struck areas around Hit, killing 9 gunmen, including two locally- based commanders.

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