Wednesday, February 4, 2015

04 February 2015

In Garma, the Anbar Operations command reports that coalition warplanes scored direct hits on ISIL gunmen concentrations in the area, killing at least 23 of them. Further coalition strikes in the Saqlawiya area west of Fallujah have also killed 9 ISIL gunmen.

Warplanes have also launched strikes against targets in Akashat on the Iraqi-Syrian border at dawn today. Security sources are reporting that 9 ISIL military commanders were killed in the area.

In Haditha, security forces have been able to secure all four of the town's fronts, especially in the Birwana area in the township's southern sector, where security forces clashed with ISIL gunmen attempting to penetrate into the township from the direction of Ana. An ISIL suicide bomber driving a tractor-trailer from the Ana area toward Haditha, but Iraqi air units struck the target before it could rich a military barracks at the town's southern entrance.

In Ramadi, a statement has confirmed that the Shjariya area northeast of Ramadi is now almost totally under the security forces' control. The disarming and removal of explosives devices planted by ISIL gunmen in the area's residential homes are continuing.

Ramadi has been relatively calm today, including in the southern and southwestern districts. Security forces are still erecting concrete barriers between the areas under their control and those controlled by ISIL.

In Fallujah, the general hospital has reported today that 2 residents have been killed and 6 wounded by the now-daily indiscriminate bombardment exchanges. 

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