Wednesday, February 25, 2015

25 February 2015

In Baghdadi, widespread security operations are still underway in the southern and southwestern parts of the township. Iraqi aircraft today attacked a number of ISIL positions in that sector, killing according to an Anbar Operations source, at least 23 gunmen. Meanwhile, security forces have advanced into areas held by ISIL, penetrating into a number of the town's districts near the residential complex in the town's center, from which a further 300 families have fled today to the southernmost areas of Baghdadi where foodstuffs and water wells are to be found.
An Anbr Council source has announced the arrival of additional military equipment and munitions at the Ayn al-Asad Base, in preparation for a security campaign expected to be launched later today to liberate the areas across the Euphrates from the town. Operations will include the liberation of the areas between Baghdadi and Hit.

In Ramadi, a military operation has killed at least 15 ISIL gunmen in the city's southern sector. 3 gunmen were captured when they attempted to detonate explosive devices at army checkpoints within the sector.
In the northeastern Shjariya area, security forces were able today to penetrate deep into the areas, of which they now control more than 80%, according to Anbar Operations sources. There are also reports of an imminent operation aimed at liberating the rural Ramadi Island area acroo the river from Ramadi City.

In Garma, there has been an increase today in civilian casualties as a result of the town's bombardment between last night and this afternoon. At least 13 civilians have been killed and at least 50 wounded, according to sources at the town's general hospital.

One civilian has been killed and 11 have been wounded by mortar attacks on the residential districts of Amiriyat al-Fallujah.

In Fallujah City, the General Hospital is reporting that at least 11 residents have been killed and at least 15 have been wounded by the random mortar-fire exchanges

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