Friday, February 27, 2015

27 February 2015

In Haditha, ISIL gunmen have assaulted the residential complex in western Baghdadi and were able to overrun the complex after four of their suicide bombers detonated their explosive vests, and following the withdrawal of the army forces who were in control of the complex. The gunmen were able to storm a number of residential houses within the complex; they have blown up several power-generating facilities and a number of buildings belonging to the town's water distribution services.  But within five hours units of the 'Golden Division' and other army units were able to move into the complex and forced the gunmen to withdraw. Hoever, 7th Brigade sources are reporting that the gunmen are now positioned just one km. from the complex where they are attempting to regroup in order to retake the complex. They have also laid mines to prevent security forces from assaulting the site from the southwest.
Alao today, security forces killed 7 suicide bombers, including a Chinese national, who had tried to blow themselves up amid the security forces attempting to recapture the complex. There have been numerous calls for aid and supplies for the residential complex that has been under heavy mortar-fire from the ISIL gunmen. Sources from within the compound are reporting that 4 residents, including one child, have been killed and at least 13 have been wounded.
Fighting at the bridge connecting the town with Baghdadi Island has left security forces in control of the bridge.

In Ramadi, ISIL gunmen have launched a surprise attack on the city center, aiming to reach the government complex from the city's southern sector, but security forces with Iraqi air support and coalition strikes have driven the gunmen back into the southern reaches of the Hawz district. 3 tunnels dug by ISIL, leading into Ramadi, have been blown up.
In the northeastern Ramadi Shjariya area, security forces have advanced into the area after detonating a number of explosive devices laid by ISIL gunmen. A booby-trapped vehicle was also remotely detonated by the security forces.

In Fallujah, the hospital has today reported that 7 residents have been killed and 6 wounded by the ongoing random mortar bombardment exchanges between the security forces controlling the city's perimeter and ISIL gunmen holding the city.

In Garma, the general hospital is reporting that coalition and Iraqi air strikes against targets within the township have killed at least 11 civilians and wounded at least 25.

In Hit and Rutba, heavy bombardment since yesterday; security forces have reported that 9 ISIL gunmen leaders in the area southwest of Hit.

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