Saturday, January 31, 2015

31 January 2015

ISIL has successfully detonated a booby-trapped fuel tanker near the hospitality structure of Sheikh Lawrence Al-Hadhal, an influential tribal leader and former parliamentary member. The attack in the Nukhaib area killed the Sheikh and five of his relatives gathered at the location.

In the Shjariya area northeast of Ramadi, security forces have this morning successfully taken control of the three major axes in the area, killing at least 17 ISIL gunmen. The surrounding areas have been bombarded and many explosive devices planted by the gunmen have been diarmed and cleared.

The Anbar Operations command announced a short while ago that coalition warplanes have launched their fiercest strikes to date on ISIL positions in Al-Qaim, on the Iraqi-Syrian border. No casualty counts have yet been reported.

Fierce clashes have been underway since yesterday in the Falahat region of Eastern Anbar against ISIL forces by security forces supported by tribal fighters; 8 gunmen were reported killed in the fighting around the Fallujah perimeter.

In Garma, 9 ISIL gunmen have been killed in clashes in and around the township.

Overall, according to security sources, security forces are now on the offensive with the aim - over the next few days - of clearing the ISIL gunmen out of Anbar Province.

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