Sunday, January 18, 2015

17 January 2015

Security forces with Iraqi air support have taken full control of three villages in the areas around Haditha township in the direction of Baghdadi. The forces killed 11 ISIL gunmen in heavy clashes.

In Baghdadi, security forces have repelled an ISIL attack in the township's southwestern sector, killing 3 of the gunmen in the area across the Euphrates leading to Haditha.

In Ramadi, fierce clashes broke out today when ISIL gunmen attempted to penetrate into the city's western districts. The attack was repelled and 17 gunmen were killed in the fighting, according to Anbar Operations sources.

Fierce clashes also erupted today in Ramadi's southern sector, where security forces have seized control of several districts.
In Shujariya, security forces have established full control of that area and have disabled and removed more than 100 explosive devices planted by the ISIL gunmen.

In Fallujah, the General Hospital has stated that 4 residents, including a woman and a child, have been killed and 17, most of them women and children, have been wounded as result of the bombardment exchanges. 

Clashes have also resumed in the industrial zone in Garma; the clashes spread into Amiriyat Al-Fallujah Township. The town has resisted an ISIL attack launched yesterday and continued through the early hours of this morning. At least 11 gunmen were killed in the foiled attempt.

An Anbar delegation, including the Council Leader, the Governor, and tribal elders has departed for Washington D.C. where they will exchange views on the security situation in the Province. There are also reports that the American presence in Anbar and the possibility of forming new 'Awakenings' and an Anbar National Guard  will also be discussed.

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