Monday, January 26, 2015

26 January 2015

Since the early hours of this morning a curfew has been in force throughout Ramadi. Meanwhile, security forces have launched an attack on the Shujariya area; a security source has stated that at least 11 ISIL gunmen have been killed and more than 275 explosive devices have been disabled and removed.

The commander of the 'Golden Division' has announced that his forces have repelled a broad attack in Ramadi's southern sector; 22 ISIL gunmen have been killed so far.

The curfew announcement has coincide with the start of a military operation in the city's southwestern districts that are mostly controlled by ISIL gunmen.

Anbar Council member, Arkan Khalaf Al-Tarmouz, has announced that security forces and tribal fighters have been able to fully liberate the Bu-Ghanim area to the northeast and eastern Ramadi.

An Anbar Operations source has announced that ISIL gunmen have attempted to carry out a major attack on the Birwana area of Haditha township, but Iraqi air support and coalition warplanes intervened by destroying a number of ISIL's convoys in the area. Initial reports indicate that about 30 gunmen have been killed, including an ISIL field commander.

Meanwhile there are concerns arising from the attacks being mounted by ISIL in and around Ramadi and Haditha.

In Fallujah, a source at the General Hospital has announced that 4 residents including one woman and a child have been killed, and 11 have been wounded by the indiscriminate shelling of the city's residential districts.

Meanwhile the Anbar Council has announced that some members of the delegation that has been visiting Washington DC have returned because of their local commitments in Anbar. Those who have returned have expressed their satisfaction over the results of their visit with regard to pledges of assistance and support by the U.S. and the coalition.

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