Friday, October 3, 2014

03 October 2014

The town of Hit is still completely closed off on all sides and a curfew is in place. Gunmen are still control of some of the town's districts, including the seat of the local government. The main western entrance, closest to Ramadi, into the town is still the scene of heavy gunfire exchanges between security forces and the armed ISIL groups.

Coalition warplanes have struck the Industrial District in Hit, following its takeover by the gunmen. We do not yet have any details about the action.

The head of the Anbar Council, Sabah Karhut al-Halbusi,  called on the local Hit Council to dismiss the local administration head (qaim-maqam) and to hold him responsible for the deterioration of the security situation in the township during the past two days.

In Ramadi, military operations are continuing following the gunmen's advance toward the 8th Brigade HQ. Security forces are still holding the HQ, but the fierceness of the clashes have left their mark on the ground. Clashes have also been taking place in the rural areas across the Euphrates from Ramadi. Some of the city's districts have been attacked by warplanes, particularly by coalition aircraft according to security sources.

In Fallujah, the security situation is relatively calm, but there has been bombardment of some of the residential districts where gunmen are still positioned. One resident has been killed and another wounded.

There is now concern over the likelihood of further fighting following the seizure by the gunmen of Hit. The gunmen are also still in control of specific districts in central Garma.

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