Monday, October 13, 2014

13 October 2014

ISIL gunmen today took control of the Hit military camp, with all its equipment and very large quantities of munitions. The seizure followed fierce clashes and bombardment exchanges that continued for about 8 hours between last night and this morning.
Also today, gunmen have seized Al-Doulab village in the Baghdadi township. Along with the military camp, these are considered 'sensitive' strategic centers lying between the eastern and western regions of Anbar Province.

In Ramadi today, gunmen have seized control of the Shurta district of the city that had been considered as being one of the quieter districts, but everyone was surprised today when army and police forces withdrew from the districts, thus allowing the gunmen to move in.

In Garma, there were fierce clashes yesterday, and coalition warplanes carried out strikes against the gunmen's positions there.

In Fallujah, there have been numerous small clashes that did not result in any civilians being injured.

The head of the local Haditha council, Abdul-Hakeem Al-Jughaifi, demanded immediate intervention by the local and central governments to save Haditha that is experiencing a humanitarian disaster following the closure of the road between Haditha and Ramadi, after the gunmen's seizure of Hit.  This has meant that all supplies and foodstuffs have been prevented from reaching Haditha, especially since at least 2,000 families from Hit and its surrounding areas have migrated to Haditha where there are overall shortages and rapidly rising food and fuel prices. Another 229 families from Hit have made their way to the southern Anbar villages.
The displaced migrants are now at the mercy of the gunmen that have cut all the access roads to the areas to which the migrants have fled. The gunmen are also forbidding the residents of the areas they control to mingle with the migrants.

The Anbar Council announced today the formation of the first Anbar National Guard brigade consisting so far of 2,000 volunteers who will be deployed into some towns and villages to secure them after forcing the gunmen out.

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