Wednesday, October 22, 2014

22 October 2014

A three-pronged attack by ISIL gunmen on Amiriyat Al-Fallujah was the fiercest in about two months; the gunmen were trying to seize the township but were met by fierce resistance by security and tribal forces. Heavy fighting is continuing at this time, and a source in Anbar Operations has said that Iraqi air attacks have destroyed six tanks carrying gunmen attempting to drive them into the town. Six armored vehicles have also been destroyed. The source added that 30 gunmen have been killed, while the situation remains in the balance.

In the westernmost part of Hit, ISIL gunmen are trying to seize the area in the face of fierce resistance in the fiercest clashes there for more than two weeks. Security forces are redeploying their forces and those of the tribal fighters in order to turn back the attack.

The Anbar governor has confirmed today that Prime Minister Hayder Al-Abadi has approved the formation of a military brigade named after the martyr Ahmed Saddam Al-Dulaimi, the late commander of the Anbar police. This, along with the arrival of the new highly sophisticated weapons and munitions will bolster the forces defending Anbar Province, according to Council member Addal Al-Fahdawi.

The situation in Baghdadi is relatively calm, but it is still completely blockaded, with nothing being allowed into or out of the town.

Fallujah has also been the scene of clashes and mortar bombardment that has resulted in material damage without causing any civilian casualties. 

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