Friday, October 10, 2014

10 October 2014

ISIL gunmen have launched an assault on Hit, in an attempt to seize control of the southern and southwestern sectors which they have not been able to seize since their first attack on the town. Clashes and bombardment targeted a number of the town's districts. 3 civilians have been killed and 7 wounded.

Most of the areas lying between Hit and Ramadi are not controlled by either the security forces or the gunmen, and there have been clashes there, with both sides trying to establish control.

In Garma and the areas adjacent to Fallujah that border Salahuddin Province, security sources are saying that these areas are under their control, following heavy clashes between last night and this afternoon.

In Fallujah, bombardments have resulted in  the wounding of 3 civilian residents.

The Anbar Council met yesterday met yesterday with the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Salim al-Juburi; official statements by the Anbar delegation expressed acceptance foe the formation of a National Guard in Anbar, to consist of at least 20,000 fighters who would be volunteers, supplied and trained to fight the armed groups.

Most of the displace Anbar migrants are still expressing their frustration over not having received the promised million dinar (about $860) grant, calling on the authorities to expedite the process, especially now that winter is approaching.

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