Saturday, October 11, 2014

11 October 2014

ISIL elements today attacked Amiriyat Al-Fallujah, 35 km south of Fallujah City, but the security forces there along with local tribal forces repelled the attack that was launched on 3 fronts. Fierce clashes erupted and some of the gunmen's positions were bombarded; we don't yet have any casualty reports.

In Hit, to the west, there were intermittent clashes in a number of the town's districts. Coalition warplanes are still targeting some of the gunmen's  positions south of the town. There are also troop movements around the town's perimeter from all four directions. Also today, 400 families from Hit have arrived in Baghdadi township where they are walking the streets, and there has been no food or financial aid forthcoming for these families.

In Fallujah, intermittent clashes have continued between last night and this afternoon; some residential districts were bombarded but there has only been material damage with no casualties.

In Ramadi, clashes are continuing in a number of the city's residential districts, especially those in the southern sector that have been controlled by the gunmen for more than 6 months. We conducted a public opinion survey today through which the local residents have called on the central and local government to replace the security leadership and to carry out an investigation into the province's security lapses. There are also reports that the tribal leaders have called on the Prime Minister, the Commander-in-chief, to replace the Anbar Operations Commander, following the major security lapses.

Meanwhile, the Anbar local government, following its meeting with Dr. Saleem Al-Juburi, the Speaker of Parliament, has confirmed that it is proceeding with the formation of tribal forces that would protect the security situation within the province. There are also plans underway to construct residential complexes for the province's displaced families.

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