Monday, October 27, 2014

27 October 2014

In Fallujah, where casualties caused by the bombardment of the city have decreased along with the level of bombardment over the last two weeks, today's casualty report from the Fallujah General Hospital shows that at least 19 civilians have been killed and at least 39 wounded by the bombardment between yesterday evening and this morning.
A source at the hospital has announced that at least 1,442 have been killed and at least 3,422 have been wounded since the Anbar crisis began.

In Ramadi, a major military operation is underway in the western districts of the city. According to security sources they were able to advance but were met by fierce resistance by the ISIL gunmen.

In Baghdadi, a new three-front attack by the gunmen on the town was met with resistance by security and tribal forces. Seven members of one family were killed when their home was hit by a mortar round, while other mortar rounds hit a number of residences, causing major material damage but no human casualties.

In Hit, the gunmen are still holding the town, but there have been heavy clashes in the surrounding countryside.

A source within the Anbar Council revealed today that Anbar tribal leaders have met with the Iraqi National Security Adviser, Saleh Al-Fayadh. They agreed on the formation of new fighting units to be called 'The New Awakenings', so that they can retake the captured areas of Anbar Province that are estimated 80% of the province's overall area.

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