Tuesday, October 14, 2014

14 October 2014

In Hit which was occupied by a large group of ISIL gunmen, and following the fierce clashes yesterday that killed at least 7 residents, the Hit military camp and its large quantities of weaponry and munitions has been completely taken over by the gunmen.
The head of the local municipality in Baghdad announced today that the town is completely surrounded and that the armed groups have cut off all supplies of food and fuel destined to various parts of the township.

In Fallujah, clashes and bombardment of a number of the city's districts have killed 3 civilians and wounded 3 others.

In Garma, there have been intermittent clashes in several areas along the river that separates the town from Salahuddin Province. The area has also been targeted by airstrikes.

In Ramadi, the gunmen who seized control yesterday of the Shurta district have today extended their control over a number of neighboring districts in the western and southern sectors of the city.

The Anbar Council has today renewed its call for the replacement of the Anbar Operations commander Lt.-Gen. Rasheed Flayeh whom the Council is partially blaming for the surprising withdrawals from some areas, thus allowing the gunmen to take them over. However, reports reaching Anbar are indicating that the commander will stay on.

Meanwhile, tomorrow there will be a vote on the appointment of Kadhum Al-Fahdawi as the new Anbar Police commander following the assassination two days ago of the late commander, Gen. Ahmed Al-Dulaimi.

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