Thursday, October 16, 2014

16 October 2014

Groups of ISIL gunmen have launched an 3-front attack on the Baghdadi township. Their bombardment of the town's residential districts has injured a number of civilians, and more than 200 citizens from an eastern district have fled, seeking more secure areas in the town's western sector. But the attack failed following the intervention of the army and its air support that struck at a number of the gunmen's positions. The gunmen then withdrew to their earlier positions around Baghdadi.
Meanwhile, reports coming out of the Anbar Operations Command say that more than 100 U.S. military experts have arrived at the Ayn Al-Asad military base in Baghdadi, to provide advice and lay out plans for facing and fighting the outlaw groups.

In Ramadi, there have been heavy clashes in the city's central and southern districts; some mortar shells have driven residents to flee out of the city.

In Amiriyat Al-Fallujah, 30 km south of Fallujah city, gunmen launched a surprise attack aimed at capturing the town that has been hosting more than 2,000 displaced families. The 4-hour long attack resulted in material losses but there were no casualties.

In Fallujah and Garma, the situation is calm, aside from a few intermittent clashes, especially in the southern and southwestern parts of Garma, along the Anbar border with Salahuddin Province

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