Wednesday, October 8, 2014

08 October 2014

ISIL gunmen have launched an assault on areas adjacent to Baghdadi and Hit townships. Fierce fighting involving army forces and tribal volunteers and coalition airstrikes have killed at least 60 ISIL gunmen.

In Hit, clashes have resumed today in the central, northern, and northeastern sectors of the town. 7 civilians were killed in the fighting.

There were also heavy clashes as the army forces tried to retake parts of Garma, following the seizure by the gunmen of the Ru'ud Bridge and 28th April District during the past few days.

In Fallujah, fighting has resumed in the area along the main Fallujah-Baghdad highway. The fighting and some mortar shells have resulted in civilian casualties.

In Ramadi, broad military activity has resulted in clashes in the western, central, and northern sectors of the city, including also the rural areas across the river.

Their have been numerous airstrikes accompanied by large explosions, but we do not yet have any further information.

In ISIL-occupied Saqlawiya and Sichir, there have been intermittent clashes; according to an Anbar Police source, security forces and coalition warplanes have struck a number of gunmen positions, of whom dozens have been killed.

An official source at the Anbar Council has confirmed that more than 400 ISIL gunmen have crossed from Syria into Iraq through the Qaim border crossing.

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