Tuesday, October 21, 2014

21 October 2014

There was an extended security operation in Amiriyat Al-Fallujah yesterday, south of Fallujah city. The aim of the operation was to secure that area which borders with the Babil Province to the south, in addition to breaking the blockade imposed on the town by ISIL gunmen. Reconnaissance flights are continuing over the area; security sources are saying that groups of gunmen have been pursued and attacked from the air.
Some mortar rounds have struck the southern residential districts of Fallujah that are adjacent to the area, as have done of the city's central districts. The shelling has killed one resident and wounded 13 others.

In Ramadi, there is a similar situation, with mortar rounds striking some residential districts, killing 3 residents and wounding 7. Clashes have also broken out on the southern outskirts of the city.
There has been concern over reported intelligence that the ISIL gunmen are preparing for a major assault on Ramadi, but security forces have been stressing to the residents that the security situation has not changed. The Anbar Council member, Addal Al Fahdawi, announced today that advanced - probably American - military equipment has reached Iraq, and that a portion has been allocated to Anbar. He also stressed that the next few days will see the recruitment of large numbers of tribal volunteers, to serve with the security forces.

In Baghdadi, that is still fully blockaded by the gunmen, the humanitarian factor is still critical, with the gunmen preventing any food or fuel shipments into the town. Clashes and shelling are continuing and Iraqi army has bombarded some of the gunmen's positions on the town's western perimeter. The overall situation is still confused but security sources are saying that the gunmen are not in contro; of Baghdadi.

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