Wednesday, October 1, 2014

01 October 2014

In Ramadi, clashes and bombardment have resumed between security forces and ISIL gunmen, with both sides trying to seize control of the rural areas across the river from the city. Anbar Operations today confirmed killing 7 gunmen in northeastern Ramadi, among them a number of ISIL leaders. Meanwhile in Hamidiya and its surroundings, Anbar Operations are confirming that military personnel are still surrounded by gunmen, with army and police forces attempting to penetrate into the area in order to lift the gunmen's blockade.

In Fallujah, since last night and into this afternoon, bombardment has been targeting a number of the city's districts. An initial count has shown that 6 residents have been wounded and a number of government buildings and vital installations within the city have been damaged.

A source at the Anbar Council has said that the Haditha area is under complete government control, while the western townships controlled by ISIL gunmen are still relatively calm. U.S. warplanes have carried out strikes along the Iraqi-Syrian border, but we have not received any information about the results of the action.

Displaced families sheltering in school buildings, particularly those in the western regions, have called on the local and central governments to find an alternative housing solution for them, as the school year has now begun, and there are plans to remove them from the school buildings, so they need to find alternative safe havens.

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