Thursday, October 2, 2014

02 October 2014

In Hit, there has been a 3-car-bomb attack by ISIL gunmen targeted at the town's Police Command in the town center, but they detonated before they reached their target. In the first, 9 local police personnel were killed and 16 were wounded. A second car-bomb also targeted the same police facility. A third was detonated at a checkpoint and was followed by the detonation of a number of explosive devices placed at 'vital locations'. Groups of masked gunmen also tried to assault a number of police stations and government buildings. The whole area is now fully surrounded and phone services have been disabled. The head of Hit Municipality, Muhannad Dabbar, has announced that security and police forces are in dire need of personnel and equipment in order to drive back the gunmen's assault. There are still contradictory reports about the situation in Hit. Local tribal forces have been supporting the police in facing the gunmen in this vital, centrally-located municipality.

An attack has been underway since last night on the 8th Brigade HQ in central Ramadi. Sources are saying that the gunmen are using car-bombs and other explosives in their attempted advance on the HQ which is still under the control of security forces.

The Anbar Council has been warning that the current situation in Anbar is at its worst since the crisis erupted nine months ago, and the whole governorate is on the brink of falling if the local and central governments do not urgently provide re-enforcements and munitions.

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