Tuesday, October 7, 2014

07 October 2014

The most important developments in Anbar today have been in certain parts of Fallujah, Ramadi, and Haditha.

In Haditha today, police and internal security forces are employing new preemptive tactics aimed at at killing the largest possible number of ISIL forces, according to an Anbar Police Command source. Meanwhile there has been clashes and bombardment of Hit, as there are still suburban areas of the town still under the gunmen's control. A security source has said that at least 19 gunmen have been killed in Kubaysa and nearby areas around Hit.

In Ramadi, the security situation is still escalating; fierce clashes have been taking place in the central and northern districts of the city. Security forces supported by tribesmen have thwarted an assault by the gunmen that had aimed at seizing districts important sites within the city. According to a security source, at least 34 gunmen have been killed.

In Fallujah, Garma, and Saqlawiya that are still being held by the gunmen, coalition airstrikes have targeted a number of positions in Fallujah and its northeastern region toward Samarra in Salahuddin province. Sources say that at least 19 gunmen have been killed as a result of the coalition airstrikes.

Many of the the displaced migrants in Anbar are still without a place to stay, following the decision by the Anbar Education authority to start the school year in a few days.

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