Friday, August 1, 2014

01 August 2014

The most prominent development in Anbar has been in Haditha township, where since yesterday evening and through this afternoon the clashes have continued between ISIL gunmen and the police and army forces supported by the 'Awakenings'. For more than a month the gunmen have been threatening to overrun Haditha if the opposing forces do not surrender, allowing them to seize control without a fight. But at about 6pm yesterday an attack was launched on three fronts, preceded by the blowing up of the bridges connecting Haditha to its environs, and the sole bridge between Haditha and Al-Baghdadi. The first front of the attack was from Al-Khafsa, south of Haditha, the second front was from the northeast, and the third was along the banks of the Euphrates River. As of right now, this afternoon, army, police, and supporting forces appear to be in control of the town, but the gunmen are in control of large areas around the town, toward Birwana and Al-Haqlaniya and their surrounding areas. Initial casualty counts show that 7 Jaghayfa tribesmen, 10 of the Bu-Nimr tribe, have been killed, as have 31 insurgents since yesterday evening.
The only element that has foiled the gunmen's attempt to overrun Haditha has been the use of air bombardment.

In Fallujah, the shelling/bombardment since last night has, according to initial casualty reports, killed 3 civilians and wounded 7 others.

In Al-Garma, there has also been shelling of the town's residential districts; security forces have announced their control of the Al-Shihabi road between Fallujah and Ramadi.

In Ramadi, the situation is relatively calm and there have not been any military operations on the scale of those in Haditha or Fallujah. Some clashes do occur from time to time, but there is activity in the public markets.

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