Tuesday, August 26, 2014

26 August 2014

Armed extremist groups have today regained control of the Fallujah Barrage. The sluice gates were then all completely closed, leading to a drop in the water levels in the surrounding areas, while some areas further away - especially those adjacent to Baghdad in the Abu Ghraib township - have had their water supply cut off.

Also in Fallujah, the bombardment of its residential districts between yesterday evening and this afternoon has left 19 residents killed and 17 wounded.

In Al-Garma, a number of the towns residential districts were hit by mortar fire that killed 2 residents and wounded 6.

In Haditha, following a number of attempts by the gunmen to penetrate into the town, a new operation was launched today and was repelled by security and tribal forces, including a significant role by the 'Awakenings' forces, in the aftermath of the posting of a video clip showing the ISIL gunmen executing four young men of Haditha's local police volunteers.

In Ramadi, there has been some escalation of the security situation, with the increase in the ferocity of the clashes today in the Stadium district in southern Ramadi, and also in the northeastern sector of the city. There have also been attempts by the gunmen to re-capture the city's western districts following their 'liberation' by security forces.

Many displaced persons demonstrated today in various parts of Ramadi and the western townships, demanding that the local and central governments should seek urgent solutions to their plight that has continued for about 8 months. They also demanded that the security forces allow them to return to their homes in Ramadi

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