Tuesday, August 12, 2014

12 August 2014

In Haditha, fierce battles have taken place in the Al-Khasfa area, where 7 tribal 'Awakenings' fighters and security personnel were killed. Groups of gunmen were targeted by air strikes, leaving 4 gunmen dead and destroying some of the vehicles they were using.

In Fallujah, 6 residents have been killed including one child, and 10 others were wounded in the bombardment of a number of the city's residential districts.

In Al-Garma, 3 residents were killed and 5 were wounded in the renewed clashes and the bombardment of some of the town's districts.

In Ramadi, at 10:00 this morning, a demonstration took place in front of Governorate Council building. The demonstrators demanded that they be allowed to return to their homes. They also called on the Governor and the local government to provide services and food, as the city has been isolated and goods are not reaching it.

There were also military operations and activity in the area between Fallujah and the Abu Ghraib area west of Baghdad. Reconnaissance flights and air strikes against gunmen positions were part of the action.

The western townships in Anbar are still held by the gunmen.

Otherwise, the Anbar situation remains unchanged.

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