Friday, August 15, 2014

15 August 2014

The three-day old security campaign in Ramadi is still underway in areas outside the city and in the west-central districts of the city. Yesterday security elements, supported by tribal and 'Awakenings' forces launched an armed attack along the left bank of the Euphrates in northwestern Ramadi that has been controlled by the gunmen, but it was re-taken yesterday by the mentioned joint forces; more than 30 ISIL were killed and a number of their vehicles were destroyed.
In the city's western districts, there are also some ongoing security operations, following the Anbar Police Commander's announcement of the intention to liberate those districts.

In Haditha, battles around the city's periphery continued for three hours yesterday, on the western side of the township. Reports are coming in of the continuing bombardment of that area which is adjacent to Ana township. Some civilians were injured by the bombardment and some of the gunmen's vehicles were set ablaze.

The other western Anbar townships are still being controlled by the gunmen and the region is relatively calm with the exception of some bombardment and some clashes of residential districts close to the Iraqi-Syrian border in Al-Qa'im.

In Al-Garma, a number of residential districts have again been bombarded; 7 persons were killed and 11 were wounded, mostly women and children.

In Fallujah, a preliminary count shows that at least 7 residents have been killed and 18 wounded by the bombardment of several residential districts in the city.

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