Sunday, August 17, 2014

17 August 2014

Q:  What are the latest security developments in Anbar?

A:  The operation by security and supporting tribal forces is continuing for the fourth day in areas of Ramadi Island; the areas now have been completely liberated, following the incursion of those forces into the areas where they killed at least 34 of the gunmen and burned their vehicles.

In Fallujah, 6 residents were killed and 11 were wounded by the shelling/bombardment of a number of the city's residential districts.

In Al-Garma, 2 residents were killed and 7 were wounded by the shelling of specific targets including some government centers within the town.

In Haditha, fierce battles erupted when gunmen attempted to assault the town but were driven back by security and tribal forces.

Q:  Media reports indicate that there is some sort of tribal coalition against ISIL, and that there is a view to cooperate with the central government and the armed forces to jointly attack against the gunmen. What do you know about this?

A:  Reports indicate that a meeting was held yesterday, attended by 23 tribal sheikhs representing most of the tribes in the province; they met with the Anbar Police commander, Gen. Ahmed Al-Dulaimi, where they agreed on a document calling for security cooperation and support exclusively with the police forces. They agreed to unite in fighting the armed groups exclusively in support of the local police, stipulating that the tribal forces would withdraw their support if the army becomes involved in the fight against the armed groups. 

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