Saturday, August 9, 2014

09 August 2014

Gunmen have seized four areas around the periphery of Haditha that had been controlled by security forces. The surprise attack by the gunmen involved the use of medium and heavy weapons. Simultaneously and in the same area, a pick-up truck carrying an entire family away from Birwana was shelled, and 5 people lost their lives in that attack. Four regiments have been brought in to support the security and tribal forces. The Anbar governor stressed that the action is aimed at preventing the gunmen from entering Haditha and capturing the important Haditha Dam.

In Fallujah, 3 residents have been killed and 9 others wounded by the bombardment/shelling of a number of the city's residential areas.

Numerous districts of Al-Garma have also been shelled, killing 1 resident and wounding 9 others.

The main townships in western Anbar are still controlled by the gunmen. Gunmen positions in areas outside Ana have been shelled but we do not yet any casualty details.

In Ramadi, the situation is relatively calm following the broadening of the fighting in the city's western sector. Families have been returning to their homes in the central and northern districts that are now without water or electricity services, and there are severe shortages of foodstuffs and fuel.

Thus, Hit and Al-Baghdadi are the only towns in Anbar without a presence of the gunmen, and consequently have not been involved in any military operations. There are however reports about the gunmen's intention of trying to seize those two townships, particularly as Al-Baghdadi is the site of the large Ayn Al-Asad military base, one of the largest in Iraq. Al-Baghdadi is now also providing shelter for more than 4,000 displaced families that are also suffering from food and financial shortages.

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