Wednesday, August 20, 2014

20 August 2014

In Rawa, in the town's Stadium district, an administrative position held by gunmen who have been controlling the town was hit by army shelling. Two women were wounded nearby that location.

In Ramadi, the local police command supported by 'Awakenings' forces have announced that they have seized control of areas lying between Ramadi and Hit.
A military parade has been held in the districts that had been controlled by the gunmen in the city's southern sector.

In Fallujah, 7 residents were killed and at least 13 wounded by the bombardment of numerous central residential districts.

In Al-Garma, 3 residents were killed and 5 were wounded in the targeting of a home within the town.

In Salahuddin province, army forces attempted today to assault Tikrit from three fronts: from the west, north, and east of the city, but informed security sources have said that their forces were unable to take the city in the face of fierce resistance by the armed groups. Many access points had been booby-trapped, and there were many sniper positions that took their toll of the security forces. An airborne attack by paratroopers into the city allowed the forces to take some positions within Tikrit. A security source has reported big explosions in a number of the city's districts; these were explosive charges that were detonated when security forces approached their locations. No casualty figures are available yet.
Eyewitnesses are reporting that hundreds of families have been fleeing the city's residential districts. The precarious security situation has been preventing essential supplies from reaching them.

In Samarra, a new provincial governor has been elected for Salahuddin to replace the Parliament member Ahmed Al-Jubouri who ha submitted his resignation to the Parliament; he is Dr. Ra'ed Al-Jubouri, the former Health Director-General in Samarra.

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