Wednesday, August 6, 2014

06 August 2014

To begin with Fallujah, the city's general hospital was shelled at 11:00 this morning and initial casualty figures show that 7 people have been killed, including two hospital staff members, and 35 have been wounded, including 7 staff members. This is the 23rd time that the hospital has come under fire. The emergency section and its surrounding sections sustained substantial damage.

In Ramadi, security forces have succeeded today in liberating 3 districts beyond the city limits that had been controlled by ISIL gunmen. Anbar Council sources say that 31 gunmen were killed. There were also military operations along the banks of the Euphrates on Ramadi Island where 4 wanted persons were captured; they were among the gunmen who were controlling those areas.

In Al-Garma, 2 residents were killed and 7 were wounded in the shelling targeted on many of the town's districts where property damage is extensive.

The main western Anbar townships are still under the control of the gunmen. In a surprising development, gunmen have been able to occupy the Birwana area which is administered by Haditha. This has resulted in the mass migration of many of the area's residents; they have made their way to safer locations, especially in Al-Baghdadi and areas around Hit, where they are facing harsh living conditions. There was a new attempt by the gunmen yesterday to assault Haditha but the army, security, and 'Awakenings' forces within the town repulsed the attack, killing at least 3 gunmen.

Leaflets distributed in Al-Baghdadi and other western Anbar areas are reminding the areas' residents that next Friday is the deadline prior to the gunmen's assault on them, unless the army and police forces abandon them. They are calling on these forces to surrender their weapons.

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