Saturday, August 2, 2014

02 August 2014

Since yesterday, a fully armed force of ISIL gunmen has been trying to mount an incursion into Haditha township that includes the Haditha Dam which provides water from the Euphrates to southern Iraq at a rate of 2,000 cubic meters per second. Yesterday's attack consisted of a force using more than 50 vehicles, but it failed as a result of the fierce resistance from within the town. Other, outlying areas and villages are now occupied by the gunmen. The fighting killed at least 14 tribal fighters and at least 20 gunmen were also killed.

In Ramadi, a major security operation was launched today by  army, police, and tribal volunteer forces aimed at re-taking the city's western districts, but we can still hear and see continuous explosions and columns of smoke, and the combined security forces could not penetrate into that area.
Other parts of Ramadi are relatively calm, including the southern and northern sectors of the city.

In Fallujah, casualty figures have increased since yesterday evening as a result of the continuing bombardment of many of the city's residential districts, particularly the southern and central districts, leaving 4 residents killed and 7 wounded.

In Al-Garma, northeast of Fallujah, the central districts were bombarded. The town's general hospital has confirmed the deaths of 3 residents with 11 others wounded.

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