Saturday, August 16, 2014

16 August 2014

In Fallujah, 9 residents were killed and 14 were wounded by the shelling of numerous districts of the city.

Al-Garma was also the scene of shelling and fierce clashes in various of the town's districts. The local hospital has reported that 4 residents including 2 women and a child were killed, 11 were wounded in the military action that followed an attempt by security forces against the gunmen who have been holding the town for about 8 months.

The operation in western Ramadi is still continuing, with the gunmen attempting today to seize districts that the security forces had re-taken. Fierce clashes in Ramadi Island have left an yet unknown number of casualties from both sides.

Also in Ramadi, a source at the Anbar Provincial Council has announced that the local government, by agreement with security forces, has obtained permission allowing residents of the city's central districts to return to their homes.

In Haditha township, the fiercest clashes to date have taken place between the gunmen who tried to enter the town. Fighting on three fronts is continuing but we have not been able to learn any outcome or casualty figures.

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