Thursday, July 31, 2014

31 July 2014

In Fallujah, most of the central, northern, and northeastern residential districts have been bombarded; a source at the Fallujah General Hospital has reported that at least 6 residents have been killed and at least 23 wounded.

In Al-Garma, military operations are still underway as part of the security campaign that had been expected to penetrate into the town but the fierce resistance has resulted in prolonging the campaign. We do not yet have any resulting casualty figures.

In Ramadi, a military operation yesterday in the southern and southwestern sectors of the city has, according to a security source, killed three ISIL commanders. Civilian casualties included 3 civilians killed by an explosive device in the city's southwestern sector.

The information available so far is that there is some coordination in Anbar and also in Nineveh between The Sons of Anbar Revolutionaries, the Mosul Tribal Council Revolutionaries. These armed groups are fighting against all of the extremist religious elements, including the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant, that are engaged in 'sabotage' and the demolition of religious shrines. This new organization is not connected to either the central or the local governments; they are tribal groups fighting alongside the 'armed resistance' that was active during the U.S. occupation. There is thus an armed winging fighting against the groups of gunmen that been sabotaging and destroying certain targets related to religious beliefs, including shrines, mosques, and historical sites.

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