Wednesday, July 2, 2014

02 July 2014

Intermittent fierce clashes have taken place in Fallujah for the third consecutive day. Today's casualty figures show that 9 residents have been killed and 9 were wounded by the accompanying shelling that has also targeted districts in Al-Garma that was also the scene of hours-long fighting in this eastern Anbar region.

In Ramadi, fierce clashes have taken place in the Al-Andalus district and in the southern sector that is still partially controlled by security forces. There are no reports of casualties but there has been a lot of damage. The western districts of Ramadi are still held by the gunmen who are being reinforced by others coming in from the governorate western regions that are still in the hands of the gunmen with the exception of Hit and Haditha townships. Haditha is fully surrounded by the gunmen and security forces are involved in operations around the Haditha Dam.

ISIL gunmen have taken down the barriers along the border between Syria and Iraq and the border is now fully open between the two countries. Syrian planes are carrying out missions in the area and also along the Nineveh portion of the border regions.

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