Tuesday, July 1, 2014

01 July 2014

In Fallujah, the number of those killed since the outbreak of the Anbar crisis has exceeded 500 as a result of the military operations over the past six months. Yesterday a number of districts were shelled in central, northern, and northeastern Fallujah during which 9 people were killed and 14 were wounded, according to the Fallujah General Hospital.

The northern and northeastern sectors in Al-Garma were also the scenes of clashes including the environs of the Al-Ru'ood Bridge. A man and a child were killed in Al-Garma.

In Ramadi, there have been intermittent clashes and the sounds of explosions in the western parts of the city, and there are also military operations underway in the southern sector. We have also seen that residents have been returning to their homes in the city's central districts.

In Anbar's western regions, Syrian planes have attacked the town of Hseibah, part of the Al-Qa'im township. Three citizens were killed in the raids and 4 were wounded. The other areas under the control of the gunmen are relatively calm, particularly in Rawa, Ana, and Rutba. There has been some military action near the strategically important Haditha Dam. Haditha is basically under siege and people fear the consequence of the capture by the gunmen of this vital installation.

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