Monday, June 30, 2014

30 June 2014

A relative calm has settled over most of the governorate during the last few hours, except for the sequence of military operations that took place in Ramadi: a number of mortar rounds have struck public marketplaces in the city, leaving 5 citizens wounded on 'Doctors' Street' in the city center. This is the second incident of its kind after the fire that swept through the market across the street.

There have also been intermittent clashes in the southern and southeastern suburban perimeter districts of the city, with the arrival of gunmen who paraded around the area, causing some residents to move out of their homes, as a result of concern over the expected resumption of gunmen activity within Ramadi after their seizure of more towns and villages in western Anbar.

The situation in Haditha is still unchanged. There was some intermittent exchange of fire between the armed groups on the town's outskirts and the security, army, and police forces that are based around the Haditha Dam. People are afraid of the consequences should the gunmen seize control of the dam.

In Ana, Rawa, Rutba, Al-Qa'im the situation has remained unchanged; gunmen are in control of most of the residential districts in those towns, while there are still some clashes from time to time, and there have been some Iraqi air force mission that have - according to the Anbar Central Command - have hit their targets with a high degree of precision.

In Fallujah, with yesterday being the first day of Ramadan, some people expected a suspension of the reconnaissance flights and air strikes on the city. But today at least 19 people were either killed or wounded as a result of the bombardment yesterday and today of a number of the city's residential districts.

To the northeast, Al-Garma has been the scene of fighting near the Al-Ru'ood Bridge in northeastern Al-Garma.

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