Monday, June 2, 2014

02 June 2014

In Fallujah, as the military operations continue in the residential areas, the number of casualties has reached 22 killed, 12 of them children and 5 women, and 36 wounded.

The fierce clashes between the Iraqi security forces and insurgents continue also in Hayakil, Al-Sichir, Al-Jughayfi, Al-Askari, Al-Nazal and Al-Nu’aimiya.

In Ramadi, most of its areas previously under the control of insurgents is now under the control of the Iraqi security forces. The Anbar Police and the Anbar Operations Command confirm their belief that the situation in Ramadi will only improve.

Today, hundreds of the Anbar University students demonstrated to express their anger as their fellow female student Sama Laith had been shot dead by a stray bullet yesterday while doing her final exams in the classroom of the Faculty of Agriculture. The local security forces promised to investigate the crime.

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