Monday, June 2, 2014

01 June 2014

Public has been shocked by the killing of a female student in Ramadi University’s Faculty of Agriculture, in downtown Ramadi, when a stray bullet broke the window of a hall during final examinations and hit her in the neck. A male student has been injured in the shooting. It is believed the stray shots came from the Iraqi military that was operating in the area.

Relatively fierce clashes have continued in the southern parts of Ramadi city, especially in the Bakr and Hawz neighborhoods, in addition to parts of the area known as “Street 20” (Shari’ Ishrin) and the Mal’ab neighborhood.

Previously displaced due to the armed conflict, some families are now moving back to the relatively calmer neighborhoods of Jumhuri and Mu’allimin, in addition to the areas known as “Post Office Street” (Shari’ al-Barid) and “Depot Street” (Shari’ al-Mustawda’).

In Fallujah, fierce clashes continue in the area known as Hayakil, which is a compound of unfinished buildings in the property of Fallujah University. Iraqi forces has continued with intense air strikes and artillery shelling throughout the city. The toll has been 7 dead and 13 injured.

Some of the internally displaced people who have sought refuge in Hit city have demonstrated today for a solution to the Anbar crisis that has entered the sixth month. Situated in the calmer western parts of Anbar province, Hit city now accommodates some 70 thousand refugees, mainly from Fallujah city and its surroundings.

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