Sunday, June 29, 2014

28 June 2014

ISIS fighters have taken control over the western parts of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar Province. Serious clashes between the group and Iraq’s security forces have been intermittent since late on June 27, and many residents have left several areas where fighting has raged.

ISIS militants have reportedly been preparing for a further push on the city of Ramadi from the west in order to gain full control over it. 

Security forces are getting ready to launch operations to regain control over the Al-Ta'ameen neighborhood and the Khamsa Kelo (“Kilometer Five”) enclave west of Ramadi that were recently taken by ISIS.

Large numbers of security forces have been deployed on the eastern outskirts of Ramadi city, and earthen bulwarks have been built on its northern and northeastern sides.

Seven residents were wounded in the shelling and bombardment of the Fallujah city, as there have also been wounded in the town of Al-Garma northeast of Fallujah.

Some sources say the administrator (qaim-maqam) of Haditha district has escaped to the Kurdistan Region today. A subsequent tribal meeting has elected a new administrator, Abdul-Hakim al-Jughayfi, who previously occupied this post in 2003-2004. ISIS does not control the city but its militants control all the areas surrounding Haditha on all sides.

Iraqi security forces have killed 3 militants in a foiled ISIS attack aimed at imposing control over the Haditha Dam on the Euphrates River. The dam is currently, though, still in the hands of Iraqi government forces.

In the early morning today, the Syrian Air Force bombed the University Hospital in the town of Ana, damaging the buildings of school's reception and emergency department. The bombings did not cause any casualties.

Iraq’s security forces announced that they are in control of the border crossings into Jordan and Syria, respectively, though that claim cannot be independently confirmed. 

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