Tuesday, June 3, 2014

03 June 2014

In Ramadi, since last night two bridges have been blown up: the first was the 'Japanese' bridge that connects Ramadi to the western Anbar townships. The second was the Al-Ma'amoun bridge that connects the town of Al-Hamidhiya to the Juwayda area of northeastern Ramadi. The two bridges are important arteries in northeastern Ramadi. There were no casualties in either location but both bridges were heavily damaged.

In Fallujah today, the emergency area at the Fallujah General Hospital was randomly shelled. At least 10 people were killed and 18 others were wounded in the crowded emergency section.
Meanwhile, the boarding facilities of Fallujah University's College of Agriculture were hit today by random gunfire. Nobody was hurt but there was panic among the students. Classes have been suspended at the university.

There have also been heavy clashes in various parts of Fallujah, especially in Al-Sichir and Al-Nu'aimiya, as well as some of the city's central residential districts.

To the northeast, Al-Garma is still the scene of fierce fighting as army forces supported by tribal and security forces attempted an incursion into the town but are being held by fierce resistance within the town.

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