Sunday, June 29, 2014

29 June 2014

The gunmen have taken control of large areas of western Anbar, but they have now stopped outside Haditha. Some tribal sources are saying that there are negotiations underway as there does not appear to be a military solution to that standoff. They are apparently trying to buy time so that the seizure can be achieved without a fight.
They have also not taken control of Hit or of Al-Baghdadi, home to the big Ayn Al-Asad Base which is still in the hands of security forces.

There are conflicting reports about who controls the Iraq side of Trebil border crossing between Iraq and Jordan. But both the local and central governments are stating that the border crossings, such as Al-Waleed, are still secure. The Trade Ministry has confirmed that 300 trucks have safely made the journey from the Jordanian border to Baghdad.

Security sources are reaffirming that Tikrit and other Salahuddin areas will be secured within 72 hours. The main effect in Anbar is related to the humanitarian situation. Many Anbaris had fled to Salahuddin and after the events there they have been making their way back, so it is the humanitarian aspect that they care about.

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