Tuesday, July 15, 2014

15 July 2014

In Ramadi today, gunmen were around the perimeter of the Anbar Operations Command that houses the Army local HQ in central Ramadi. There have also been intermittent clashes in some districts in the city's southern sector. There have also been clashes and shelling in the western districts which have been controlled by the gunmen for about two weeks. Yesterday there were clashes and mortar shelling around the 8th Brigade HQ in the western sector.

In Fallujah, a casualty count has shown that 4 residents have been killed and 11 others wounded in the shelling, since last night and up to noontime today, of numerous districts of the city. That brings the total count since the beginning of the crisis up to 551 killed and at least 2,000 wounded, according to the Fallujah General Hospital.

To the northeast, in Al-Garma, intensive shelling has targeted many of the town's districts, as well as the town's general hospital that has been hit by shelling for the third time. The facility was heavily damaged and three of its medical staff were wounded.

In Anbar's western regions, the main towns are still being controlled by gunmen, but these areas have been struck by the army air arm. The areas around the border between Nineveh and Anbar governorates have also been bombarded, as have the areas along the Iraqi-Syrian border. These areas have struck almost daily, but the surrounding populated areas are still under the control of the gunmen who are regulating the general situation there, in a similar way to their takeover of Mosul.

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