Saturday, July 12, 2014

12 July 2014

In Ramadi, gunmen launched an attack on the HQ of the 8th Brigade in the city center. Eleven suicide attackers were killed in the action as a result of the resistance by the security forces within the location. Meanwhile gunmen did make advances in other areas, amid clashes in a number of areas within Ramadi and in the northeastern sector of the city. A security source said that their forces are now either in the hands of the gunmen or within their range, and that at least 31 army security personnel were captured by the gunmen and they have been dispersed to other locations. Four other security personnel were killed in clashes in the western part of Ramadi.

Yesterday there was also an attempt at an incursion into Haditha township, resulting in direct confrontations between the security forces and the gunmen. Some sources say that 22 of the gunmen were killed and at least 14 others wounded, while 7 security personnel were killed in the attack. The attack was launched on two fronts: from the west and from the north.

Elsewhere, gunmen have seized the village of Al-Doolab east of Al-Baghdadi

The Anbar governor has announced the arrival in Ramadi of more than 4,000 volunteers from the southern governorates to bolster government-held positions and their surroundings.

In Fallujah, shelling of numerous districts has been continuing since last night and into the early hours of this morning, resulting in the deaths of 3 residents, including a woman, with 11 others wounded, including 3 children.

In Al-Garma, the town's hospital was hit by shellfire, resulting in the injury of 10 people, including 2 of the medical personnel. Many other districts in the town were also attacked from the air and there have been serious casualties reported. 

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