Tuesday, July 22, 2014

22 July 2014

From last night and into this afternoon, there has been a further attempt to assault Al-Garma on four fronts. Extended clashes and battles have left 4 of the town's residents dead and 9 others wounded. Some public buildings and other government facilities were shelled indiscriminately.

In Fallujah there have been some greater casualty counts, with 11 residents killed and 31 wounded by the military operations and the yesterday's bombardment of the city.

In Ramadi, gunmen are still holding the city's western districts that have been bombarded and attacked by security forces, while the city's central districts are still relatively quiet.

Gunmen are still in control of the western townships in Anbar (Ana, Rawa, Al-Qa'im, and Rutba). 'Preemptive' air strikes have been targeting gunmen positions in the Iraqi-Syrian border regions; 1 gunman was killed and 7 were wounded in these attacks.

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