Saturday, July 19, 2014

19 July 2014

In Fallujah, heavy shelling has targeted numerous districts, killing 9 residents and wounding at least 17 others, amid clashes between gunmen within the city and security forces surrounding the city. Air strikes have also targeted a number of barracks within the city, resulting in many civilian casualties, most of them women and children.

In Al-Garma, residential homes have been targeted on the town's outskirts in the direction of Fallujah along the road between them. Within the town, Iraqi warplanes have launched air strikes that have left at least 4 wounded residents. Security forces are saying that they are taking control of Fallujah and securing the road links and the highway toward Baghdad that it uses in bringing in reinforcements.

In Ramadi, intermittent clashes have been underway since last night and have continued into this afternoon in the western sector of the city. Residential districts within Ramadi are relatively quiet, and a few families have been returning to their homes, but some roads and thoroughfares are still not secure. Gunmen are maintaining their presence in the city's southern sector.

The main western towns and the vast surrounding areas are still being held by the gunmen. There are no security forces present and the gunmen are administering the areas. Some low-level commercial activity has been taking place at the crossing points on the borders.

Clashes are continuing on the outskirts of Haditha as the armed groups are attempting to move into the town but the army, security, and tribal forces have prevented them from entering the town. Meanwhile Hit, Al-Baghdadi, and Kubaisa are still under the control of security forces and the local government. Amid the security presence there has been some activity by the towns' residents.

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