Wednesday, June 24, 2015

24 June 2015

Iraqi aircraft have attacked number of positions today in the Akashat area of Al-Qaim township on the Syrian border. Sources have reported that at least 47 ISIL gunmen were killed in the raids.
The attacks were made following intelligence reports of special gatherings and meetings in that area.

In Ramadi, military operations are still ongoing along the city’s perimeter. Security forces have today killed at least 11 gunmen in the eastern and northeastern outskirts of Ramadi.
Iraqi air support has also struck targets and positions in central Ramadi; a number of civilians were killed by mortar fire striking the city’s central marketplace.

In Fallujah, heavy bombardment has again struck a number of the city’s residential districts. This was part of the ongoing random bombardment exchanges between security forces on the city’s perimeter and the ISIL gunmen holding the city. A General Hospital source reported today that 7 residents have been killed and 19 wounded by the bombardments.

In Garma, fierce clashes are still going on and heavy bombardment has targeted the town’s central districts and the Sichir area. Six civilians have been killed and 3 wounded.

In Baghdadi, strong calls have been made bylocal residents to the central government for urgent food aid, following ISIL’s seizure of the town’s perimeter and the blockade it has imposed that has been preventing the arrival of any relief aid.

Meanwhile thousands of families are experiencing severe living conditions in Bzaybiz, Amiriyat Al-Fallujah, and Khalidiyah encampments.

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