Saturday, June 6, 2015

06 June 2015

In the early hours of this morning, ISIL gunmen launched a broad-based offensive on the eastern Husayba area in northeastern Khalidiya. The attack was launched on the eastern and northern sectors Security forces, People’s Mobilization militiamen, and tribal fighters were able to thwart the attack. Iraqi air support also launched a number of sorties, targeting some of ISIL’s military convoys that managed to occupy small portions of eastern Husayba, but were then driven out following the arrival of supporting forces.

In the Tharthar area, ISIL launched its second attack by detonating 4 explosives-rigged vehicles at Iraqi army positions, but they were detonated before they reached their targets.

Security operations in the western and southern outskirts of Ramadi are continuing and all those areas along the city’s perimeter are under security forces’ control. In the city’s northern sector, all the rural and outlying areas are surrounded by security forces.

Coalition warplanes have also launched strikes on the areas around Fallujah, particularly in the city’s southwestern sector. An ISIL convoy was hit, killing at least 14 of the gunmen. A second attack involved a friendly fire incident, when the warplanes hit positions held by security forces of the 1st Division.

Meanwhile within Fallujah, 3 residents were killed and 7 were wounded by the ongoing  indiscriminate bombardment exchanges into and out of the city.

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